Transplant outdoors or not?

So this question has been bugging me for a little time now. What happened was that i extremely stressed out this plant during flowering phase ( broke more than 50 percent of its root mass because of root bounding problem). Now its thriving in this system, but i don’t think it will yield much because the trauma it has gone through.

The leaves are quite small, the buds are just starting to form and i had to cut off most of the top buds because the plant wilted during trauma and the top buds didn’t recover. ( According to timeline it should have been close to end flowering by now) The plant is almost 4 months old now.

You can see, the leaves are quite small, but its quite healthy now.
My question is

Should i transplant this plant outdoor and leave it at the mercies of nature because i could use the space for the newer generation.

Completely un-related to the above, this plant is outdoors what’s happening here:

  1. The lower buds are molding?
  2. Shouldn’t the bud be on top? Why are the leaves trying to cover the bud up ( Notice the apex branch)

If photoperiod it will probably reveg and could grow into a beast. If auto probably wouldn’t bother.

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You can reveg the indoor plant like @DRsDank said, as long as it’s not an auto. The outdoor looks pretty extensive on the mold/bud rot. It will continue to spread if you don’t remove it and treat for it. You can clip it all and spray with a 50/50 mix of peroxide and water to help avoid any spreading. It almost looks like it may be a root issue with the tips of all the leaves dying and the rotted buds. That’s all I got, sorry.


Try this product for bud rot

Athena Cleanse

Athena Cleanse is made from the ideal (and safe) root zone optimizing agents–Hypochlorous acid. This safe and mild acid is derived from salt and a proprietary electrochemical treatment process. The result is a unique, plant-safe chemical with powerful oxidative properties to keep your root zone clean and free of unwanted organic and mineral buildup. These special properties reduce mineral scale in irrigation systems.

Many use it as a foliar spray to kill all fungus

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Oh dang, i never thought about re-vegging, i just let it go back into flowering without thought. So it has started flowering again.

I’ve been tinkering with hydroponics for about a year now, and haven’t got a single yield without problems yet. The outdoor plant had come down with nitro-toxicity and root problems when flowering ( tried to fix it but the plant just kept getting worse), so my go to solution was planting it outdoors.

I don’t know about root rot in outdoors though, because with proper root rot, the whole plant looks stressed ( in my experience ). The top buds are growing healthy.

Can one control humidity outdoors. Lol?

Is that a bathtub you are growing in? I love it. The ultimate flood table with its own tap.

As far as growing outdoor, it is easier to change the strain than the humidity. Are you running bag seed or a know cultivar? You didn’t say what you had. It looks pretty indica leaning on growth pattern. Dense and thick. Those are great for the cold resistance, like if you are chasing a first frost before harvest. But that density totally work against you if you are humid. I have found Sativa leaning (look of the bud growth) plants selected from hybrid Sativa/indica crosses tend to really hold up overall well to humidity. And you can still get an indica feeling smoke if that’s what you prefer. It takes some work though. You have to select from 6-12 seedlings and grow them out. Use the bath tub and do a short quick grow in smaller pots. To test the bud growth pattern. Then clone it and grow it big outdoor once you have your keeper. Honestly, most Sativa leaning strains do better in the humidity than the indicas generally speaking.

Or minimum pick strains with known mold resistance. I would suggest Durban poison, or jillybean, or dj short blueberry. Trainwreck and sour diesel and Dutch treat have all done well for me in the seattle rain outdoor. I would still further select from these for the best mold resistance. Black cherry cola rocked the rain too, but it’s hard to find. It been bred into so many cherry line strains now it’s hard to find the original. Thank you Subcool.

Skip: granddaddy purple, bubba kush, agent orange, hogs breath and garlic breath. These will mold up into a slimy stick of cannabis smelling goo. Like from the morning dew and not even rain.

The # 1 trait I select for is mold resistance. I have tried hundreds of pedigree seeds over the years and only kept about a dozen that really are reliable in the rain. Finding your best outdoor is really a long game. You won’t figure it out in one season.

The best tip I can give you is take notes and keep a log. That way you remember what you tried and what worked.


Mold and powdery mildew resistance are the main thing when selecting strains for outdoor. Northern Lights, White Widiow and other stains that contain Thai and Mexican genetics seem to work best on the gulf coast.

Sour Diesel doesn’t do well here nor Skunk #1 or anything with Afghan due to powdery mildew, Gorilla Glue, Blue dream, Bruce banner get grey mold bad.

I’m surprised being in the Seattle area that Northern lights is not on your list. I stumbled on the Thai connection to disease resistance by planting two strains here I’ve never grown that being WW and NL and to my surprise they outperformed everything even the local stuff I’ve grown for years in this regard.

This makes the Crystal strain very interesting being a cross between the two.

Majority Sativa’s that grow past our allotted time and didn’t get ready till Late November or even December were what we use to grow in the 80s here and we just picked them the day before frost. As we sought shorter flowering time strains that contain Indica or Skunk with the Afghan in it we started running into issues with mold and mildew.

In my experience the 50/50 strains seem to work best outdoor which makes Northern lights a sort of freak of nature in this regard.


I could not agree with you more. As a good overall moisture tolerance predictor. I have found that also to be true.

To be honest I have never sown northern lights. I will take your suggestion and give it a go. I also found the same to be true of sativas. They won’t care at all if it rains, but they don’t begin to flower until darn near September. And they want to be around for thanksgiving and Christmas. Too slow. I had a 5-8 year kick where all I did was landrace sativas. Obsession I guess. Anyway, I ended it with a Barney’s farm Grinspoon. That weed was trippy. Like psilocybin as it kicks in. Very unique in cannabis. But I only got like 30grams off a 5’ plant. Most of it was larf for the crockpot.

I am with you on the skunk, but interestingly, I have good success with Gorilla glue and sour diesel. Gorilla glue is soulless on terps but managed the rain finely. I wonder if it is because I only grow them in multitop bushes.? What I mean is, I grew the sh** out of blue dream in the late 90s and early 2000s. If I grew it into a large cola the botrytis would devour it. But if I bushed it out it would have smaller more numerous tops that would do ok.

Sounds like we would have fun swapping grow stories over a campfire. Nice to meet you @2GreenThumbs. Happy growing


Nice to meet you to brother. Interesting as I just made 12 clones of blue dream. I had issues with grey mold with them last year so I will follow your advice and top them several times.

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Well since you’re growing it, On blue dream, I would also use chopsticks or popsicle sticks. I would break them in half, and then wedge them between the bud clusters. Forces them to go out more than they naturally would. Like spacers. It works really well for strains that are kind of on the bubble with mold resistance. Wish I had a picture to show you what I mean. It really works great.


Interesting, is there a name for this process? I can see where it would work by allowing more airflow into the colas.

That’s exactly what it does. Opens up the airflow in bigger than their own good colas. You know, the first ones that get moldy🤣.

I don’t know, I’m sure it’s called something. I got the idea from a twig falling off a tree and wedging itself in a bud. It splayed out the bud perfectly. It was like a weedeity sending me a cosmic message. I wasn’t even scientific about growing back then. It just stuck with me. I also use old dry canna stems if I still have any laying around. Bud stenting I guess you could say. Ha.


@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @SilvaBack203 @Nicky @Covertgrower any of you ever heard of this process of shoving sticks into buds to open up more airflow? If so what’s the name of this technique?


I cannot say that I have…. U mean tying branches to sticks leaning? Or actually pulling the bud apart?


Isn’t there some medical device, used by gynecologist, to sort of hold things open for closer inspection? :laughing: That would be a good name

You could call it “queefing” :rofl:


Cant say I’ve heard of this.


No idea, but may be worth a shot.


No, I believe he’s saying shove sticks through the buds at the thickest parts and open up holes.

So actually INTO the buds?