Supplimenting sunlight with growlight

I live in cajun country where its 90+ degrees and 90+ humididty. I PLAN to have 5 plants in pots. I want to put them outside in the morning until 11:00am or until temps pass 85F. Then bring them inside during peak temperature hours. When and/or if the temp drops before the sun does Ill putt them back out. This combined will give me 20/4. Is this method OK and what problems may I incur if any? Thanks for any feedback

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It’ll work. Biggest issue would be the possibility of bringing pests in with them.


thx bro

I’m just to the west of you and leave mine outside unless it’s going to rain. She’s been taking the temp and humidity fine but once she gets later in flowering she’ll be inside to save from bud rot.


Thats been one of my main concerns mold, bud rot etc. What i meant to ask is what strain are you growing?

The one I’m putting outside is blueberry auto. Inside is an amnesia haze, white widow and blackberry kush.


@swampdollar you can kind of “game” the weather to your advantage: morning sun is great, move into dappled shade or under a sun shade during heat of the day. In veg they won’t complain and maybe 4 or 5 weeks into flower but once you start seeing the plant mature, her immune system is pretty compromised and bud rot is a real problem. That’s where your indoor space (if equipped with a dehumidifier) can save your crop. I try to keep mine at around 30% RH for the last two weeks and I’d go to 20% if I could get there.

I’ll bet you can grow some really killer cannabis down there.

I put mine out when the weather allows and in when it’s crappy. You should develop a solid plan for keeping pests in check. I am a fan of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and Spinosad. I have to deal with mites and caterpillars here and this keeps em in check. The peroxide is good for white powdery mildew too.


Thank bro. Im growing autos so not sure if theyre gonna flower that long. Any experience with autos?

You did your homework. Those are the best strains to grow down this way. Any advice on pests and how to keep em out?

I’ve just been using neem oil spray while it was in veg. I have a ton of plant life that the pests can go for that have not been treated and I keep my plant away from them. This is usually where she stays when she’s outside. In the middle of the deck away from the rest of the plant life. I also employ a guard dog, lol


Take anything @Myfriendis410 has to offer. He does it right outdoors.


@BobbyDigital hey Bobby I’m going to be growing in NW Arkansas any advice on strains or tips growing in God’s country?

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I’m not familiar with the climate. I’m assuming you plan on outdoor? I know @Cyle1 is a little north of you and has some going outside. I only have one going outdoor and it’s not really a true outdoor plant

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I live by Springfield mo so kinda close have you grown b4 or this first grow? Are you planning on growing outdoors

My biggest problom with the outside ones are bugs but there are strains that are bug and mold resistant I dont think I would ever bring the outside in my house as long as you get you a good bug killer repellent should be

@Cyle1 currently I’m living in the Communist state of Illinois and just started some autos for outside. I’ll be growing inside and out on my 2 acre plot. I’ll be about an hr south of Joplin and I go through Springfield Mo every time I go down there. I do know the growing season down there is longer so I can grow some nice sativa plants.

I thought Illinois just pass rec

Hell ya I have only grown indica autos so far i have 2 wwa outdoor they got attacked by every bug there is but the white widdow is a tough strain

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As far as good strains let’s get some more experience ppl here that are in our area @imSICKkid @DoobieNoobie @Haildamaged @Midwestnewbie


@Cyle1 yeah they passed rec usage but only medical marijuana card holders are allowed to grow. Total bs.

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