Bud rot early stages

Finding some early stage of bud rot on my buds. Still have 3 weeks before harvest. I moved them into my greenhouse with a fan on them. Any other ideas on slowing the mold until they finish?

If you’ve cut out all the affected stuff, spray with diluted peroxide.


Ok. At what ratio?

Also the whole plant or just the affected areas?

Cut out affected areas, 3% peroxide 1:4 ratio should work great.

As ugly as the pictures may be, we wouldn’t mind a few either.


Ok great. Should I spray the whole plant or just the area that was affected?

Whole plant.

Thank brother. I am working on her now. Always super worried about it because I have lost so many buds to it. Thanks for the help and happy growing!


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Found about 6 spots this big. Nothing out of control.

Here is the total amount I got off of her. Not to much as you can see by the other picture. We had hammered with rain Friday and I did not get them inside early enough.


That’s great looking tree you have. I’m just glad you’ll still have a decent harvest. Hopefully you don’t find anymore.

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Thank you brother. Have her twin sister beside her in there also. Yeah really checked her over good and didn’t see any more. I am going to keep a close eye on her. Thanks for all the help. Was a "covert grower"for many years myself. But love the fact can get some help with things sometimes! Great people and tons of good advice.


Mostly just immediate family knows, and a few canna friendly friends. I definitely am still covert to the neighborhood I just moved to. lol. This is one of those neighborhoods that nobody would suspect a thing.
Funny thing is, it’s legal, I probably worry too much. But not cool being judged either. I grow mostly for my migraines, and the better half. She consumes more than I do. Sorry, went down a rabbit hole or two there.

I love it too, that’s why I hang around. Tag anyone if you need anything. Happy growing.

No worries bro. Me and my wife live on some family property near my elderly parents and my sister’s. We all grow together, look out for each other. We live far enough out but very conservative area and my parents would never want people to know. The older they get the more they understand the benefits. Trying to help with aging process.