Transplant outdoors or not?

Yep, shove it through and wiggle a hole, repeat. I see others have done this out California way, interesting as it’s always the biggest thickest colas that get mold outdoor.


I concur with that. The only times ive had WPM the buds were THICC. And i mean just ridiculously tight and dense.

But that being said, not sure I could chopstick my buds before they are cut and dried

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Lol! I’m gonna try it on one, holla back bout November


I haven’t heard of it but it makes sence in the LST type of fashion. As we all know from trimming colas they branch off in nodes, being able to spread those nodes would in theory reduce bud rot.
I would think this would be best done when our buds are growing in the week 4-7 range.

Nice topic

You all are over thinking it. It’s just a shim, LST style. No spearing or breaking. It just splays the bud a touch more open. It buys some time for another week or two on the fat colas, or that strain that isn’t quite there on mold resistance. Allows it to take a rain and dry out instead of mold in the sun.

TBH I have not had to do this since I switched to multi top bushes 5-6’ instead of 10’ trees with a giant cola the last 36”. If something is on the bubble I just dump it these days.

But I always used to do that to my blue dream. Or else it was a botrytis nightmare.

Just little pinky sized shims. Like the 1/2-1/3 of a popsicle stick is perfect. Or lil pieces of dry stem.

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