Starting some autos, have some questions

Good morning,
So first time trying autos. Have some GSC from Nirvana. Soaking a few in some tap water right now. Question is it better to start in final pot or let them germinate in solo cups like usual and transplant? I’ve seen both ways online. My concern is germinating in the final pot in the living soil which may be too hot perhaps? Using coast of Maine stonington blend. Also, in 32x32x60 tent go with three 2 gallon pots or do two 5 gallon ones? Thanks in advance

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If you plant into final pot from beginning you can use some starter soil like you would have in the solo cup in the area you would put the germinated seed so just fill pot up minus amount for center hole and use starter soil there.

I have grown autos using cow pots that are then buried whole into final home so no transplant shock. Never used solo cups for anything.

Can be done various ways

If you have enough soil go with the larger pots.
More soil volume helps down the road.


Here is a pic to show you the concept of skydivers answer.
Just make a hole using a solo cup, remove the cup and fill with starter soil. The plant can grow into the living soil.


Nice. Thanks

Right on. I was thinking that myself. Thank you.

You are correct in that you see people doing this both ways. I’ve always started my autos in their forever home (5 Gal phat sacks) and I have used nothing but FFOF as a grow medium. Lots of people say that FFOF is too hot, I’ve never seen that.
Obviously the choice is yours, you’ll end up figuring out what works best for you over time. Neither method you mentioned is wrong. Good luck and keep us posted!

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Oh, it’s funny that you mentioned the CoM Stonington blend, I just saw the platinum version of this in the wild for the first time and was contemplating giving it a run. It is $25 a bag. Any advice on using this?

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I’ll be starting my first grow next month with COM. Here’s a chart from them. Hopefully you’ll find it of use. Any questions just call them and ask for Cameron. Also, check out their YouTube videos.

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Its actually my first time as well so stay tuned. Heard good things though. I’m also coming from an FFOF background so to speak. This will only be my third indoor grow, first with autos. I still consider myself a novice. I was quite pleased with my last run though. I think I paid close to $30 for the bag though so jump on it at that price.

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