Might start my autos in solo cups next time

if im understanding correctly and can transplant without stressing them, this should cause more veg growth as they wont be using as much energy to try to fill the pot with roots???


I have been going through 3 pots per grow with autos. A small starting pot, a mid size and the final 5 gallon pot. This last grow I skipped the middle pot.

The trick is to not let them get too big in the pot before you transplant. If the roots become bound even by just a bit it may trigger flowering early. At least that is my experience.

So in summary, yes do it, be gentle and early.

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If you stress them at all during transplant you could end up with stunted plants.

While it is possible to transplant autos, I find it better to start them in their final pot imo, just to reduce the potential of stunting it. You will find different growers have different opinions on to transplant or not to transplant autos

I believe that autos are better to start off in their final homes. The roots have way to spread thru the pot from the get. Once a auto tap basically hits the bottom and starts it twist upward again I believe is the sign it’s time for it to flip. So if u have a solo cup and it hits bottom it might initiate flower a bit sooner on the plant. I may be wrong but from experience of doing autos all the plant I start in solos appeared to be like half the size of the plants I started in final homes. Try it for urself with 2 plants and see the differences do one in a solo one in final home and see what betters for u. Might be starting in solo but I believe myself u’ll don’t better in the final home. The final home seed might seem to be doing worse but in the end I bet it’ll be the bigger better plant good luck tag me if u decide to do one and one as I would like to follow along with the grow


I don’t have a lot of experience with autos but in my short experience pot size seems to effect when they flower almost like they start when the roots hit bottom or something… In 3 gallon pots they would start flowering between 3 and 4 weeks now I use 5 gallon and they’re starting around week 5 or 6 which means they are bigger plants

I will list why I do it since there is risk of triggering an early flower.

  • I like to ensure a fresh new pot of soil prior to flowering. for me this helps maintain PH and a full nutrient supply
  • There is a graphic that shows root development (that I don’t have) in transplanting vs one pot. transplanting yields much greater root development.
  • precise watering is much easier when the plant fits the pot.
  • I feel it extends the veg and allows for greater plant structure and size and thus and increased harvest

Autos can take transplants badly , it really just depends on the strain and how gentle the transplant was. That being said i generally get better results from non transplants but this lemon mimosa auto was a transplant who got their veg cycle stalled from a bad transplant and ended up with a more robust and explosive veg cycle because of it (right , the Left is a gorilla glue non transplant that was just a good pheno)

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