Reveg after harvest?

So I really want to keep this plant around.
I’ve read around a little bit and info is so spread out :man_facepalming:

Anyone got a good source to send me to or care to give me a quick once over on where to start?

How much material should I leave behind?
Should I repot? If so at what point?
What kinda light intensity do I run when taken off 12/12?
Do I put it straight on 24hrs light at first? If so, how long?
Do I switch back to a veg feed, and at what strength?

These are the questions I think I need answered.
But please advise if I’m missing something :confused:
Pictures do not do it justice, it’s so pungent and purple it’s dang near black, mixed with neon green :star_struck: no idea how potent it is, but it’s so beautiful if it any good at all I want to keep it :grin:


You mean a plant can’t be reverted back to veg after harvest? Are you sure?


Yeah im pretty sure that’s not correct :confused:
I understand how simplely cloning works.
But I want to reveg it so I can clone it.
.what exactly do you think reveging is if not reverting it from flower to the vegetative state?

Hopefully someone else will chime in and help me understand what I not getting :thinking:


I’m new to growing so I’d definitely like to hear what others say I thought that when you have a plant already in flower and you try and put it back in veg by changing the light cycle back to 18/6 it just gives you bud with a bunch of seeds

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I would refer you to @yoshi for re-vegging. He will know something about it.


I have never tried to revert one back into veg but I know its a thing that can be done. I do think it is all ways successful.

A plant on 12/12 that gets light while in darkness can cause it to get confused and “hermi” (grow male parts) which will if not cut off, pollinate its self and any other females near by and cause seeds…

I believe this is the point of putting it on 24hrs light fir a period of time at first. So it’s not confused and hopefully gets a clear message that it’s time to reveg and not freak out thinking the sun has gone nuts :joy:


But no worries my freind. I had the same reaction when I first ran across some one talking about it. I had no clue it was something that was done…

It only applies to photo periods of course. I do not believe auto flowers are capable


Let me know if you have any luck I have some genetics I wouldn’t mind keeping around! I like to think I’ve done all my research but that’s far from the truth :rofl:


What’s the question :thinking:, I’m not the brightest crayon , but I’m in the box of 144 not 8 lol , so I’m a wittle smart , but not much . 24/0 for 2 weeks if not 3 , only plain ph water until you see new veg foliage will grow out the buds , if you harvested the plant , you must leave at least a 1/3 of lower bud and foliage just enough to get enough light to revert , once the new foliage starts , give it a dose of hygrozyme or Formula A-35 , if none just maybe 400 ppm of grow and B-52 if you have it are any vegetative vitamins and nutrients to kick start it off , but once she starts to re-veg , be ready cause it will vine like a Meloton vine sick with it , but you can re-harvest in less than 8 weeks on a reveg verses 4.5 months !


Hi if it is a photoperiod plant i believe it maybe able to reveg it my understanding is if u keep some of the flowers on the plant and u put it back on to a long light cycle again it should start to reveg as well as feeding it grow nutrients but i do believe it takes a while for this to happen that’s my understanding of the whole thing .but if its a auto flower no u cant do it


If it’s a photoperiod plant, all you need to leave behind is a bud site at each branch. It’s sad to leave bud behind but larf is good for that.

You can repot into something smaller - I would wait until she’s revegged and has vigorous new green growth.

I simply put my plant back on 18/6 at normal veg light intensity (DLI ~35).

Yes on veg feed, full strength unless she shows you nitrogen toxicity or something.

It will take 3-6 weeks for the buds you left behind to start growing new green growth. It is slow and painful but well worth it, especially if you wanted to make her into a mother plant.

@Alaska420 im surprised at your response - you’ve seen my disaster zone including LT revegged.

This is my Lemon Tree, she was harvested in October (I think)

You can sorta see all the old buds still hanging around amongst the new growth.


Learn something new everyday :rofl: keep in mind I’m stoned when on this forum


I started revegging last year. This year I took eight clones, grew them about 8-12", flowered and harvested them.

I left a few buds on the bottom of the plant.

I put the plants under low level 24 hour lights for a few weeks.


Well even though you didn’t know the question/s.
You answered every one I had I believe :grin:
Thank you my freind.
I haven’t harvested it yet, it’s a tiny Bonza tree so 3-4 oz is all that’s on it I’m guessing, so I’m not really concerned with the little bit on it. If I can revert it I’ll try to keep it as a mother for cloning…


It is a photo, and thank you all for the guidance.
It seems pretty straightforward and pretty much what I thought to expect.
I guess I just needed a little confirmation to ease my nerves.

So I’ll probably take the main nugs and leave quite a bit, I give away alot more then I use so really not concerned with leaving it on their…
I’m guessing by this coming weekend I should be able to get to it.


I revegged many, and the best way to do it is harvest, leave your buds at the bottom of your main branches and fim the buds by chopping the tops off them. Kick it on 24/0. I sometimes get 8 branches off each fimmed bud.

I plan on revegging a Casey Jones plant that I have no way to reproduce this spring.


I am flabbergasted that this could actually work.

Wow! :hugs:


I rescued a plant that got completely stripped of all her buds and most of the leaves. I can’t remember if I did 12/12 or 18/6 light schedule.

I took care of it like you would any marijuana plant. She came back and blessed me with 1oz dried, cured and no branches. I gave the previous owner 22 grams and I kept 6 grams. He was going to give me half and I said no way.

Turned out to be a decent strain. I was surprised as it was from weed out of Mexico. It didn’t herm either which was a shock considering the hard life it had before I rescued her.


I used to reveg then clone as part of my perpetual harvest schedule back in the day. About all I had to work with back then was Rootone rooting hormone. Looks like there are more and probably better products that have become available over the last 20+ years.

I usually got some funky looking leaves on the mother plant when I revegged, but the clones still rooted and once established, the normal leaf appearance came back quickly.


@oldmarine has a great thread with the revegged ladies he grows. Check them out, lots of info in that thread I found very helpful.
I just revegged a bag seed all star. I also took a couple clones from the plant while in flower. The reveg was slow on mine. The reveg took almost 5 weeks to show at least some growth but after the growth started it went crazy. If you leave it in the same pot, full strength nutes are needed. The clones took almost two month to show substantial root growth and another Month to show good leaf growth.

Your question in repotting is a good one. I’d like to know the answer too.