Gifted plants need TLC, can they keep vegging or too late into flowering?

Hi everyone, I have a friend who started a grow but due to personal issues had to get them out of his garden.

When he handed them over I could see that they have had some topping done and needed some love, I have a 5x5 tent which I am using for the first time and an iPower 600w MH & HPS light - is that sufficient for 6 plants in that space?

Anyway there are 4 Strawberry Fire, 1 Resin Rainbow and 1 Black Sherblato, all photo seeds and fem - never worked with any of these strains before.

Each plant looks like its starting to flower, I’m not sure how many weeks in they are but I’d like to know if I can keep them on an 18/6 and keep vegging them out, or whether it’s too late and I should just let them flower and count myself lucky that this is all free and gifted?

I’ve read about cutting the bud sites off and re-vegging but that seems like a lot of hassle for 6 free plants that will still have a decent yield.

I’m going to put them all in 5g cloth pots and do a flush before introducing my fox farm nutes as I don’t know what soil they are in now and the slurry test came back at 6.2.

Anyway open to any and all suggestions about what you would do in this scenario, thanks as always!

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If you guys remember you helped me with an accidental re-veg auto earlier this year and its now curing and almost ready to taste!

Oof, that plant is in rough shape. Check it for bugs before anything else. If no bugs then you need to check ph of the soil or at least the runoff ph and ppms. I suspect it is out of ph range or has been an outdoor plant that was neglected :man_shrugging:


Look deep in those buds for rot i suggest. Can see dead leaves. If from base out dead need to check. Vampiring goes other way.

There’s not enough bud there to have any rot :man_shrugging: Bugs should ALWAYS be checked for when getting a plant from someone else, especially if grown outdoors. If it were me, I would toss it. But I also have thousands of seeds I can grow, so it all depends on your situation.


Only bug I found was a ladybug!


That’s good and bad. Ladybugs are predatory and eat smaller bugs. But if they are there, that usually means they have a food source. They go where the food is.


That was my main question these are all flowering right? Those pictures were from different plants so wanted to know if they could keep vegging or just put them on 12/12 and see what happens

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If you’re keeping them, I would put them back in veg on 18/6 to try and get them in better shape before you flower. Or you can just take some clones and toss the rest of the plant


Yes, they started to flower


So if I throw them all in 5g tubs and put them on 6 and see what happens? Would they not continue to flower at that point anyway?

There’s 6 plants and I have nothing else growing right now so though I might as well try save these

Definitely put them back in veg. Then get them growing right before flipping to flower


I’d just take clones, reveg those, and start over. But that’s just me. Would be a long wait for harvest.


This is my second grow ever so I’ve never done clones before, last grow was auto so don’t want to run before I can walk!

Clones are surprisingly easy! Get some clone gel, make a 45 degree cut, right into the gel from there. I then go into root riot plugs, and under a humidity dome with low light for 18 hours a day. (I use the super sprouter kit that comes with a T5 light). Keep the root riout cubes moist, and in about 14 days, you’ll have roots.

I haven’t had one fail using this method. That said, if I was revegging the clones, I’d adjust the light to 24 hours on, for the first week, at least.


That’s interesting and I definitely want to learn how to do that, with this bunch I might do a flush and feeding and see how they go.

Considering I’m going to give them a chance, should it be a similar method of keeping them on 24hr for some time before going to 18/6 to keep these girls vegging?

For plants that size, I’d likely go to 20/4. You could go 24/0, but that might shock them.

For how long? Or just play it by ear, I don’t need to cut off the tops do I?

Yes. At a minimum you’ll want to reveg, get them healthy, and then flower. I think the only decision is revegging the plants or clones.


Maybe we can get @Hellraiser to weigh in?

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Any advice is appreciated, I’m currently transplanting then to 5g cloth pots and will do a flush of all of them ready for nutes when it’s dried