Raiders of the lost larf

Came here from another forum I’ve been active in for a VERY long time. Just looking for something new and wanted to stop in and say hello. I like the layout here it reminds me of the site I can from so kind of feel like home.

A little about myself, I first started growing about 20yrs ago in my mid 20’s but stopped for a few years then restarted about 2 yrs ago.

I have a veg/mother tent and a 3x6 flower room with an SF 4000. Im a soil grower and have tried many different styles and training methods but always end up back with a soil scrog.

My current grow is a scrog soil grow using homemade 16" individual screens in 5 gal smart pots and doing a bit of a staggered harvest.

Currently I only have 3 plants in there but there will be 6 total here very soon. I have a trumpnutz and bodhi wolfpack 12 days into flower and a sour diesel 2 days into flower.

I also have exotic genetix strawberry gary and dreamsicle waiting in veg but should be added to the flower room very soon.

Thanks for stopping by and happy growing


Set to watch


Welcome to our little family
You’ll like it here

Nice setup


Thanks happy to be here


Would you describe, show a picture of individual scrog base? Curious how they sit in? or attach to pot?


Welcome to the forum. I’m with @Gammagoat , I wanna see some pics of that scrog net

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Just cut legs the height of the pot and shove them inside down to the bottom after filling pot with soil. I would recommend doing it right after transplant that way you won’t damage any roots.


Welcome to the community. Very nice grow set up. Following along.

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Grabbin my wraps and herb …welcome and setting to watch !!

Man that is a crazy good idea …with the pvc
Glad I have never tried going indoors yet …

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Welcome welcome glad to have ya nice looking setup

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Welcome to the forum! Seems like you probably have a pretty good idea of how things work, but let us know if you have any questions. And good luck with your grow!


Well sad to report but after many years of growing I had my 1st case of white powdery mildew like so many others this summer because of temps and humidity. I’ve always looked at others with this problem and thought to myself … how could you let this happen? Now I know!

I had a very mild case and it only effected the trumpnutz so like many strains im guessing that strain is a little more susceptible to mold.
I could have probably cleaned and treated that plant but not my style and didn’t want to risk it spreading to much more expensive genetics so chopped that bitch.

I removed all my plants and equipment , cleaned EVERYTHING and treated plants before returning them back into the rooms. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: that its not going to be an issue going forward.

Because of that I popped more exotic genetix strawberry gary and dreamsicle but for now I’m down to 1 RQS sour diesel and 1 Bodhi wolfpack. In another couple weeks I’m going to drop some joti black cookies.

Happy growing :v:


Welcome and I’m set to watch

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Out of likes, but welcome to the forum, love to see experienced growers joining in and sharing the knowledge as you’ve been doing.


Welcome all and thank you @Hellraiser

Plant in the back is wolfpack and this Friday will make 3 weeks flowering. Plant in front is sour diesel about 6 days in flower.
I stopped tucking branches on the WP, just letting her go now. Hopefully she is about done stretching and leaves me with 6 to 8" tops but if not I can always raise the screen :smirk:
I didn’t fill the screens in veg because that waste about 3 weeks time and time is bud lost. So I kept my screens low at about 8" and figured I’d make an attempt to fill them best as possible though the stretch.

Looks like I’m going to have plenty of tops on the wolfpack. I may have to run double filters for her. Even at 3" she was a stink storm of stink and for the last 3 weeks its reaks of burnt rubber. This thing is going stink to high hell mid flower.


Here is a pic from about a year ago. The strain was mephisto’s manbear alienpig. I got almost 8oz off of that plant. Yield for that mephisto grow was 1.8 lbs from 8 plants.


:heart_eyes: gorgeous little high yielding plant !!

I prob won’t get 6 Oz off this image
And it’s been alive since April 11 lol


I really dig that method with the pvc into the pot ….
As I think i mentioned before ,if and when I go indoors having guys like you documenting how it’s all done is such an awesome thing for someone who has never grown indoors

I just need to be patient and read many indoor grow journals amd decide the path I wanna take …
But I’ve already decided I’m gonna try that pvc thing …

It’s like a tiny farm !! Love it

Also sorry about the WPM hope I never deal with it but I know better


Thanks @Lacewing all out of likes.
I like to keep track of everything this is another tool I can go back and look at if problems come my way.

Plus like you said it can be very helpful to newer growers and older as well. I dont want to leave too many details like my ph and tds along with runoff. I try to do a weekly pic with just a little info. Don’t want to bore people to death but welcome any criticism, suggestions or questions.


Cool and yes …not only am I a noob grower but a noob to the site and when I first arrived I realized I was being dumb and clogging up peoples journals with questions and responses to off topic things …
I now understand it’s nicer to keep a clean journal so you don’t have to sift through a bunch of stuff lol …
I honestly just didn’t put two and two together at the time …
And I could blame it on being stoned …but …well I’d have to blame everything on that then lol