Second grow, any advice appreciated

my second grow. First was outdoors, got some equipment and doing this batch indoors. 4 weeks old. Thinking of scroging, didn’t expect them to all take off so well. Any thoughts or advice for a noob?


You are going to have to scrog to fit those 5 in that small tent and grow good.

Also a blurple light is not best for good yield


glad to hear they’re taking off. it’s going to get pretty crowded in there- what size is that tent and are they going to stay in there flower? what strain? some (usually sativas) will stretch in flower, usually double but can be more.

could also just flip them soon and have more of a SOG.

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So much advice, and plenty of thoughts. Ask away.

Btw-looking great so far.

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@Onebassgod, I will have to agree with @Drinkslinger, Looking great :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


@Onebassgod, hit the reply button by mistake before I was finished, I guess that should be expected when you wake and bake. I am set to watching and gonna ride along, that is if you don’t mind

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@Agrestic It is a 32x32x64 tent. The seeds are mystery seeds my wife found here and there and saved. She didn’t think of marking the strain, not knowing I would take a big interest in growing. She smokes mainly sativas so that’s as much as I know. I didn’t expect all of them to make it. My first grow of 4 seeds only got one plant. So did 6 hoping for 3 and ended up with 5.

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@Bluedonut09 that was my thought and why I started researching the scrog method. Being my second grow I’m worried about attempting it but think it would be worth it to try. The light has veg and bloom mode I have it on veg mode. Maybe I need a different light?

have you topped them yet?

i don’t know if that’s much room to SCROG but i guess i’m not the expert here. i SCROG to spread the plants out over a larger area and keep an even canopy. not sure if there’s much to be gained when there’s that many plants in there. if you spread them out horizontally they’re going to outgrow the spaces pretty quick and run into their neighbors.

have you told us what light you have yet?

@Agrestic this is the light I am using. I have topped the biggest one. But not the others, I am hesitant to top and prune due to inexperience. I really did not expect five to take off. Now have to many plants for the space from what I am gathering. If SCROG isn’t going to help in this situation, should I just leave them to grow and hope for the best?

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so the idea is to fill up the space you have. you can have one plant in there and veg longer or have a bunch of plants and flip quicker. in the end, you’d hope to have the same yield. you could still scrog. it’s a good learning experience. it may not be the most effective but you can try to guid them to fill out the net. i think no matter what you do you’ll be able to flip soon.

actual watts for your light is 240. you could add another. or if you plan to upgrade in the future you can add a nicer light now. with black friday around the corner lots of things are already on sale. you could add a 135w or 260w quantum board from HLG. square spaces confuse me a little bit since most of the lights are rectangular. someone else can probably chime in here but those are the lights most of us have converted to. i just picked up another 135w today for a 2x2 tent. when i can upgrade to a 2x4 i’ll buy one more.

if you’re going to continue to have good fortune with “too many plants” you may end up with a second tent :slight_smile:

you can prune! it’ll help with light penetration and humidity in which is sure to be a thick jungle. maybe just go easy until you get a feel for it.

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Thank you so much for the advice, I will definitely look into the light you recommended. I figure the too many plant “problem” allows me so room to learn and experiment. Topping, pruning, etc. I will keep everyone updated, this is a great community thanks for the advice and support!

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Is this the light you were referring to?

So the way I was told was the blurple dual switch will do fine for veg but you will need far more for flower if you want a good production

They don’t sell all of their lights on amazon. go to their main website and go to QB Kits and you’ll see a bunch. i don’t think that one will pack enough punch for you. there’s a 135w that’s good for an additional 2x2 space and then a 260w that will give you an additional 2x4. The “Rspec” boards are the newest versions and have extra deep reds. Grower’s House also has a nice sale going on.

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Here is an update pic 4 days after first pic. They have all been topped and lightly pruned. Working on a better light and maybe a bigger tent if I can swing it. If not will do the best I can with what I have, and definitely call this a major learning experience.


So I guess my next question would be, when should I flip? They will be 5 weeks Saturday. They have lots of good bud sites, and getting taller by the day.

You can flip anytime now. I flipped this grow at the age your ladies are now.


if you’d like to keep them all in there i’d flip soon. they’re looking great! it’ll be a jungle in there.

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Almost 6 week check up. 1 week on 12/12, Did some major pruning and arranging. The tallest is over 2 feet tall, the others are about 18” inches. Adding some tiger blood every other day.