The Journal of a Lazy Grower 🥊

I have been asked now by a number of people do to a grow journal so I’m putting this together. This grow that I’m putting in this journal has been harvested already, so it’s more like an afterthought than a grow journal, but my next indoor grow probably won’t start for a couple of months so I’m putting this out there now for all the nice people that asked.
And tag anyone else you guys want too :blush:

She was actually a clone

I don’t like Rockwool so I have been gently pulling it off of my clones lately to expose the roots

All these pics were in days 1-5 after moving her to the hydroponic system…
Coming up next I will be explaining “the fim” process that I did to her.


“The FIM”

So, I don’t do a conventional FIM, I continually give FIM “haircuts” and let the bottom growth catch up to the top growth, and because I FIM it instead of topping it, I don’t lose my terminal growth shoot.

This was the day I turned the top feed off, you can see the clay drying up!

At this point I had fimmed this spot three times already. All three shoots are growing out evenly

The bottom growth is beginning to catch up as I keep “fim haircutting”

After awhile she begins to take the shape I’m looking for


Veg & The Scrog

I don’t have much headroom and I like my plants short so I set the scrog at ten inches above the Hydro grow bucket.

I don’t really like “tucking” so what I do is I let the branches grow about 6"-8" through the trellis, super crop them at the trellis, bend them over and tie them down

That takes me through most of the veg stage. These last two pics are in the middle of the stretch

You can see is the end of veg and she’s in desperate need of a hardcore manicure.

Coming up next I will cover the flowering stage!!



This is the stage where is fun for all of us and I especially like watching it unfold in the scrog but it requires allot of manicuring.
I really cleaned up underneath to try and focus bud production all on top where the light is. Above, in veg, it wasnt near this clean

At one point I was spending about an hour a night tying everything down

Her stalk was getting bigger too

And allot of people have seen this pic

At seven weeks into flower I undid all the tie downs so buds buried underneath could begin to get light also.



Next up will be “the finish”


“The Finish”

So, at the end of her life I had real problems trying to clean my nutrient water completely out of my reservoir. Well if you can’t clean it all out then naturally its gonna be a little hard to take your Ppms down to 0 to try an initiate “the finish”, therefore I tried something a little more unconventional and tried doing “nutrient lockout through pH adjustment”. The last week I ran my pH anywhere from 7.5 - 9 causing lockout where I wouldn’t have to take my Ppms to zero. It produced some cool colors :sunglasses:


The harvest

Final totals:

424 grams total
14.99 oz
301 grams of top shelf
123 grams of secondary of which various different things will be done with.

Please feel free to tag anyone that you want, I’m not as familiar with everyone over here on this side as I am the other, hope y’all enjoyed.


Very nice! @TDubWilly I liked it this time around as well.
Thank you.


Nice @TDubWilly! I’d smoke those nugs with ya!


I wish this thing wouldnt count my words and make me say more Bc I would have left it at


Do u ever light up your scrog from underneath?


No, but I know people that do @anon95385719


I am finishing up my flower room and want to put led strips on the walls under my scrog. Do u see any value to that?

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Wow what a beauty she was and dang look at that root system bet she was a fun grower! Thx for the tag and I will certainly pass it on to others @mulegal @MattyBear @raustin @Happy_Pappy @FloridaSon @merlin44 @smitty87 @BIGE @Covertgrower @Growit
I want to start a new journal but not sure how.


Fantastic @TDubWilly. Impressive harvest, an inspiration to us all.:ok_man:


The menu lines next to the search icon, hit them and select new topics. At that screen, select new topic and title it. Decide what category you want and make your first post.

You got this…


Anytime your in Texas look me up @MattyBear :wink:


Awesome as always dude! I love the colors you’re getting. Might have to try that in coco…


My take is that there is not much value to it because there is not allot of power in those strips, also the wall will be your area of the most intense light because you are getting the light from the fixture plus the walls reflection of the light back to the plant, my biggest buds are always closer to the wall.

If I was gonna do extra lighting I would think about doing it from underneath with some “big lights”.

Leaves photosythesize on the top and “breathe” on the bottom, however, leaves are also transparent which allows them to take in light and use it anyways, although not to the same degree as light on top.

Also, buds that are not on top and down lower in the canopy and are shaded by upper buds, can benefit from under lighting also.

They have these vertical hps setups that I have seen people stretch out on the floor under the plant

See this vertical HPS tube?

This is what I seen people stretch out on the floor for under lighting


I want to achieve your scrog style with buds from top to bottom no lollipop. What kind of lights underneath would u suggest? The light u pictured or if u has a choice something else?


My brother lives in Plano…We’ll be visiting next year probably


Wow, half my family lives in Plano…

I moved down here to South Texas from Garland!