Scroggin with the Monster

Hello folks, I’ve lurked around here a little and I definitely like what I see. So Ive decided to join in.

Been away from growing almost two decades till they legalized here last December. Been on the grow since.

I use a regular old 4x8 and 4x4 to do the deed. Not near enough light yet but I’m getting there. I use a combination of master and super cropping sprinkled with a dash of hst and lst…lol I try to get the best I can outta what I’ve got and it’s working so far. I can only improve from here.

I’ve grown in hydro bubblers, coco, soils, and peat. Today I use peat. Accompanied by Jack’s nutrients, calcium nitrate, and Epsom in promix hp myco. Had a good run with this last time so why change anything.
I am considering a switch of jacks bloom for the MasterBlend bloom. MB bloom has zero N. I can control the N and calcium needs with the calcium nitrate better. Jacks bloom plus calnit runs plants pretty close to N toxicity so that’s something I’d like to get better control over.

Here’s what I’ve got going on right now. A 4x4 scrog on one side of the 4x8. Im using a clone taken from flower at 21 days and regenerated. These clones explode with branching making them perfect for a scrog.

She’s spreading out under the screen as I go. First week of flower so not a lot going on just yet. Before the end of the 3rd week I’ll get them set in the screen and let them do their thing. She may or may not fill the screen. I’m not real concerned with that. I use the screen to control height and get better light penetration on the canopy.

The branching on this girl is off the chain. Been a while since I’ve done a scrog. This is gonna be fun. A little work but fun. Constantly removing undergrowth. Need that airflow.


The other side of the 4x8 will host 4 fem photos…
3 CapjunkyChem91s
1 Strawberry Banana

This community is rather large. I look forward to meeting some folks. Learning how they do things. I enjoy reading threads. Not just looking at the pics…lol. The knowledge is in the text. Feel free to post whatever in here. We all learn from each other. Gotta love these forums. Catch ya on the threads.


Glad you decided to show what you got going. Great you are back in the game.
Welcome to the forum!


Thank you, I tried to find a new member welcome thread but couldn’t soooo. I figured why not just start a grow journal and jump right in.


Welcome, I will be watching. Seems like the start of a fun thread.


Welcome! All looks good from here!


Than you for the welcome @Covertgrower @noddykitty1 @Riskguy

Another project I’ve got going on has been a slow process.
I took some clones of Durban Poison and Tangie last grow at 8+ weeks into flower. It was a last minute decision but eventually it all worked out.

This little DP lady was taken 4/30. I can tell she’s rooted and growing but not the growth I wanna see just yet. It’s slowly unfolding. This was a very dense budded plant. I expected the journey back to veg would take a while but damn. I’m committed to getting this girl going. She’ll show me something soon…I hope.

The Tangie was the first to start throwing leaf. I’ll get this one up potted and toss the other Tangie. I only need one for the next grow. Both the DP and Tangie will go under the screen in September…if they fit…lol


Cool project…I love it


I had a pretty good haul from a busy grow last run so I’m sitting on some bud and got plenty of time to play around a little.

I love a scrog. Learned how to grow using one. I enjoy manipulating plants so yeah I love that screen… lol. I’ve set it up twice and had to abort due to some health issues. Healing now so I’m taking it easy till fall.

Typically I take a clone at 21days in flower if I want to grow that girl again or keep a mama. They are usually rooted, revegged, and ready to go by the time I harvest the mama. My decision to take clones late in flower has really slowed down things but I’m okay with that.


Both of these clones come from some pretty mamas I had last run.

Durban Poison
A solid beefy plant that kicked out some heavy frost. Her smoke is delicious and potent.

Beautiful girl. She smells of floral cat piss. We love the high but dat smell…lol


WELCOME! Your gonna fit real well here, i can tell right away.


New strain name maybe? Welcome back to the game. Glad you are somewhere you can enjoy growing MA Nature!! I love the fruits of my labor. That durban is spot on. Here is one I chopped recently.

Did you get seeds from Bros Grimm?


Those are some fat colas. Wow


Please show as many scrog process pics as you want. I’d appreciate a more detailed look at it. Its exactly what I should have been doing with my grow.

And another pvc/line setup. Seems to be preferred to a net.

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Thanks Audio. That was my first grow in the 10 gallon. Got 11 zips and some small stuff I did not weigh.


Fine looking girl!

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I’d like to thank y’all for dropping in on me. I was on a 24hr hold being a new guy. Maybe now I can post more regular.

@bonjole. That is a impressive plant. I love to see the different yet similar variants in strains. I see a lot of tie downs. You got that girl pretty spread out.

@audiofreak thanks man, I try. I’ve still got a lot to learn.

@averyscaryghost. Yes sir, I can do that. If you follow the thread here I’ll be posting a lot as I go. I use regenerated clones for my scrogs. Takes an extra step but they are worth it to me. No topping with these. It’s a fully mature clone so all growth is staggered. For every leaf you get a branch. Amazing how quickly that can fill up a space.
Your comment about screens n nets. Yes most folks do opt for netting. I prefer a sturdy screen. I think a sturdy screen gives more control. Netting can be flimsy. I want a strong screen to hold back the plant. It will push upward hard in flower. Branches get very hard and stiff. The screen holds them where I want them. In hindsight I should have went with some pvc instead of the wood frame but ya work with what ya got…lol

I’m a gardener who does things outside the norm often. I use flowering clones, I combine master and super cropping with lst and hst. If I ever top a plant it’s usually an accident. I prefer to train. I remove leaf. Not excessively but I remove leaf. To me growing indoors is not natural. There’s no way we can match the light intensity of the sun. So to me somethings gotta give. If leaf is in the way of a good bud site it’s gone. Occasionally I get the…leaves are solar panels speech. I get it but to me if I see green it’s growing. If I remove a few panels new growth takes over immediately. So to me I’m encouraging growth where it had to fight for light before and stimulating some good stress.
I use Jack’s nutrients with two other items w tap water in peat. I meter nothing…ph,ec,ppm. I feed the same amount from seedling to harvest. If it needs water it’s getting Jack’s.
I’ve found something that works for me so I’ll not change a thing.


Moving right along with these cjc91s. In early stages I remove a little leaf. I don’t go crazy with it just a few.
As the young plants get a little taller I start training. Roughly 7-8". I’ve found tying my main to a stake works best for me. I can take the stake and drive it deeper pulling the main down more if needed. This lets the rest of the plants slower growth from below catch up. I’ll drive that stake down daily to keep it in check. Once the other growth comes out a little I train that down n out. Sometimes the main is ridgid so I crush the main a little to get her to 90°. Before flower I’ll have just as many colas as a topped plant.
With a flowering clone the branching is pretty pliable. I’ll take that main and drive it down 180°. That usually when they explode.


I’m slowly warming up to this. Progressively taking leaves off every morning that seem to block any sites. It leaves enough down below that I don’t feel it’s “naked”.

Someone also mentioned using it to control grow to a small degree and I’m trying to even out my canopy with leaving some leaves on slightly lower buds. Fun stuff.

“I meter nothing…ph,ec,ppm.”
I think they’re pretty good at getting used to a lot of stuff. I have what I think is a strong UVB light (90w) close (18" max) that murdered leaves at first but now it feels like they grow every time its on.


@AVeryScaryGhost Leaf removal is a big debate subject that’s been hashed out for years. It’s all personal preference I think. I don’t go crazy with it but it is a large part of my grow.

On metering…lol. I’ve lost my meter. I did measure the tap at 7.2 with 130ppm before I started but haven’t touched it since. Ive taken the pledge to not meter and I’ve stick with it. I can read plants pretty good. I ran into no issues with this nutrient regime. Hell, I never picked up a leaf off the tent floor till late flower…lol.

Someone new id suggest learning ph, ec, ppm. It is the basics and ya need a little knowledge of that to move forward. I’ve found a system that works for me and it’s so simple a kid could do it. I’m not a lazy gardener. I’m older and try to take the easy road.


Tagging along…:sunglasses:

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