Scroggin with the Monster

How big is that tent

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Which one? 4x8 flower and 4x4 veg…sometimes flower too.

@WhatsupDoc welcome, happy to have ya along.

End of week 1 12/12

Getting a lot of growth. Letting them grow out a few more days before pulling them back under.

Seems like this under canopy plugs up in just days. I’ve forgotten how dense the growth can get with these clones. I guess Ive got some work to do.


@greenmonster714 100% newbie, my plants are 6 weeks old. Is this a good way to start scrog?
When do I start thinning?
When should I go to your method?


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With six plants and no experience. Maybe wait for a grow or two before tackling a screen. I’m not saying it’s some impossible feat for a new guy but your just learning basics. Plenty of time to play around with advanced stuff later.
Learning to train a plant is a good start. There’s tons of info out there on it.

Leaf removal is just opening up a few branches to catch better light. I can take a pile of leaf off and you can hardly tell withing two days. So ya just use common sense and remove only what ya need to.

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22 days above ground for these two cjc91s. I’ve started their training full swing now. For the next few weeks I’ll be twisting and cavorting them into some budsite creating monsters…lol No topping in my game.
They been in those 1gal pots. Noticed roots driving out the bottom. Gotta repot soon.

The Strawberry Banana is growing fast. After removing some leaf she’s popped up. She will soon be ready for her bend over session. Getting some tight growth with this one. Very short spacing but growing fast @20days.

Her sister plant is up and 2days old today. So, shes 3weeks behind. I’ll fit her into the big tent later. She can be my late bonus plant …lol. I’m hoping I don’t get them funky leaves again.

I’d like to kick these three big ones into flower somewhere after mid month. I want some veg time on these. Last run I threw them into flower a little to early. It all worked out fine but I’m trying to improve on that.

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Actual dim are 38x38x72

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Happy 4th of July folks…Boom!!!

So I’m laying in bed this morning. Now n then we wake n bake on days like this. First king size of the day is Durban Poison followed by a Tangie. Baked like a scone. Why does cannabis and coffee go soooo good together?

My veg box is still on this early so upon opening I got a nice surprise. The DP is showing some leaf growth. Holy cow it’s been months but she’s finally going to arrive…once again.

Both Tangie girls are looking good. Got the one up potted and the other day and she appears happy. The other one is starting to kick out some growth so I’m going to have plenty of Tangie later.

Odd thing with these clones taken in late flower (8+weeks). Normally a clone taken at 21 days unfolds with single leaf that is not serrated. Those come later but with these. The Tangie popped out serrated leaf right away. As if she’s already a few weeks ahead and busting to grow. These clones blow me away.

The Strawberry Banana is doing great. I started her training a few days ago. She’s good n healthy and responding well to all the bending.


Cinderella99 #2 Scrog

End of week 2 12/12

She’s doing her thing. I should get some real heavy growth coming as I roll into the stretch. I’m expecting to see double of what I see right now. Last grow she stretched the most week 2-4.

Getting bigger. The dense growth is tight in the screen for now. Once I get this thing through the stretch. I’ll remove some growth.

Pulled all growth I could under the screen tonight. Depending on the growth I get this week. Next week may be their last pull under. I’ll really tuck everything under and then let them go.


Removed all the tie downs and up potted these into some 7gal bags. Caught them right as they were waking up. I’m going to leave off the restraints for a few days. Let the roots take hold and adjust to the new pot. They a little angry but should bounce back soon.


The scrog C99 grew some gnarly foxtails last grow. I’m not totally convinced it was heat or light related but just to make sure I’m changing my approach a little.

Okay, so I broke down and downloaded the phone app for ppfd. I know it’s wrong to measure LEDs with lux like I’ve been doing.

I get it but I don’t. I set the ppfd to flower. Flip over to lux and it’s where I would be if I’d just used the lux meter…lol

Anyways, I’m going to try n follow this ppfd thing and see if it makes any difference in her bud formation. She was the only one of eight in that tent to do the foxtails. Prob genetic but I wanna make sure.

They have perked up and are ready for some more training. I’ll be flowering these somewhere the 15-20th. I need them to finish near the end of Sept. The wee one can wait. She’s a out 3 weeks behind.

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Looking good! That’s a wicked scrog up there. :eyes: Foxtails before mid flower are usually genetic, and usually carry through most of the plant. If it was just along the tops it’s was likely light intensity.

Whichever method you choose to measure light is up to you, just stay within appropriate ranges.

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Thanks man, LEDs are new to me but I’m slowly confirming to the knowledge.
I’m leaning towards genetic but getting the light right will help no matter what.

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I got in there last night and tied these two girls down since they’ve settled into the 7 gals bags.
I’m loving these cjc91s.
Before training…

After training…

I think I’m accomplishing multiple sites and keeping the plant low. These two are 31 days old and only still less than 6" high. Nothing is topped.

These two have a sister that is at 10 days. She looks like a exact copy of the other two.

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@greenmonster714 , very good looking grow ya have going on!
and Welcome to the GANG
ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ


Thank you, having a lot of fun and thank you for the welcome.


Got the Strawberry Banana tied down last night. It looks as though she’s going to be one of those lime green girls.

My late flower clones are doing well. The Durban Poison has sprouted a rhino horn and I see more growth coming.

One of the Tangie is a little ahead of the other but well on her way.


Strawberry Banana sounds like a great strain, I like the strawberry hybrids, they seem to be sweet smelling and tasting strong energizing buzz.

Growing the Bruce Banner here as you know also is a strawberry strain, definitely recommend that strain.

I will be doing Cherry Pie next, which is Durban x GDP, so looking forward to that, had a taste of a friend’s grow and very tasty it was.

Nice work on your plant manipulation, very nice.

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