First Scrog /Indoor Grow

Hey everybody!!
So0o0o… I have 1 Cotton Candy Kush clone and 1 Gods Gift clone that I received 3 weeks ago today. They were near 2 weeks old when I recieved them from a buddy and out of spur of the moment I am planning on growing them using the ScrOG Method. I have just today put them into my Flower shed with the screen but have not yet hit the switch onto the flower cycle.

This is my first indoor grow and first ScrOG ever so I would love some help and recommendations throughout this journey.

I vegged them with 2 x Mars Hydro 300w for 3 weeks. And they have doubled in size.

I thought I had a 600w HPS but its actually a 400w HPS so I’ll have to make do.
This is my shed:

Please show me whats good!!

Thanks in advance!


@Countryboyjvd1971 @GreenThunder @Sasquatch if yall want throw down some knowledge and help It would be great. I will try my best to stay on top of this journal and keep everyone updated every week at the least :wink::wink:


Can’t tell it’s your first, you did a really good job on that net. I don’t think I’ve seen any of the Gods Gift so I’m looking forward to watching that! :sunglasses:
Plan on those gals to double in size after the flip :v:


I am also thinking of doing a screen grow this time @Flat.Foot so il be setting to watching mate.


@GreenThunder haha thanks, I have been reading so much on forums and have been in awe of the beauty of a ScrOG I decided to give it a whirl.

Do you know whether I should give it a week more in veg or should I just flip the switch immediately? They are already touching the net?


@Johnzy81 Yeah of course bud glad to have you here. If you have any knowledge behind the scrog please lend a hand haha

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Yeah for sure together maybe we can get exactly what we need to know @Flat.Foot. I am following a grow journal at the moment and a scrog is been used it looks brilliant I will try and get you in on it, @neckNflu can you help out here please.


@Johnzy81 Yeah send me that direction ide love to check it out. Im just going to take this day by day and tackle obstacle course as they appear lol

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I’m just having a look, I have been reading and following so many threads I’m a little lost lol.


I do not grow by a scrog. So I’m not sure what to do with that. I’m trying to think of other growers who use them… sorry I’m a little help on this issue. But let me see I could have saw it with @merlin44 or @Tylan ?
Sorry if the both of you that I tagged do not use a scrog. I can’t remember whos post I’m following that uses one. Thanks.
@Flat.Foot feel free to ask any questions you have. One way or another we’ll find the people who can answer your questions 100%. I’d hate to give you a bunch of guesses only from stuff I’ve read and not through any experience. Sometimes I only glanced over things if it doesn’t directly apply to my style of growing. :+1::grin:


That’s what I’m saying Johnzy haha! Some people have some amazing scrogs on here. We’ll get flat foot pointed in the right direction

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I’m lost buddy but as you said we will sort this out for sure sorry for the tag like that I was almost sure it was your’s lol.

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I’m not ruling trying it out in the future but I use a storage room in my basement so I have some width and height I can play with a little bit. But some of them I’ve seen on here are the most amazing looking plants. The trunks are huge on some of them! When to turn 12 12 I just don’t know about how that fits into the netting and timing. I do know plants can really get a big growth spurt for a few weeks after flowering starts.


@Johnzy81 @neckNflu I just found the original thread of scrogging that made me want to scrog its by Hillcrest and its just AMAZING you guys should check it out. I just linked you there?

However I would love everybody and anyboys help through this. Much about the community here.

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I didn’t get that link mate and you will never have to worry about things this community are tight and love helping people out.


I’m nearing harvest on my very first scrog so I’m no expert but I can share from what little experience I do have. I think I would give it another week IF it doesn’t look like they’ll get too crowded. As the branches grow you will weave them into the net so all buds will be at the same level - that is the beauty of the scrog :sunglasses: If you’re anything like me, this method will become addicting :smile: I did all the branch tucking myself and I’m still amazed and intrigued by the structure of it all!! It gets easier to see the benefits as those lower buds swell along with the top buds :v:


@GreenThunder Hey yeah I actually just came across your thread on the scrog grow. Looking really good btw im gonna have to do some readin. Thanks im looking forward to all the growth!


going to sit back with a couple bowls and watch @Flat.Foot
set up looks good… I’m not a indoor grower but looks like your ready to me!


Hey @Flat.Foot I’m running a scrog like @neckNflu said. Yours is looking good so far. I’d say you might want at least another month of vegging. I vegged 2 months before I flipped. Here’s the last five weeks of veg ending this past Monday where I just flipped. You want to keep tucking and letting the scrog get at least 70% full before flipping. Just let them come up to the net and you gently been then horizontally so now bud sites are exposed then you train them until the net gets mostly full. Hope this helps!


@Tylan thanks for reaching out bud but how tall were your plants before you flipped the switch?

The screen is sitting a little over 2 ft tall would it be sketchy to slice a couple inches off just to start tucking the colas?