Pest control for out door plants

I recently lost most of my plants due to neebe mistakes . I now have a new grow tent in basement , fingers crossed. am reading a lot and appreciate all comments. but of the plants I lost I took three that I thought might make it , dug a hole next to my shed and are gowing well . what is the best pest sprays
for outdoors plants

Capt’n Jacks Dead Bug from Amazon.
Can use all the way up to harvest.


Second @Spiney_norman. Get the concentrate and mix it at 1.5x strength. The premixed is a tad weak for some bigger pests.


What kind of bugs are feeding on your plants

Sorry it took me so long to reply, They are tiny flies with yellow stripes. I bought the captain jacks , it arrived today , I sprayed them.

If it is this it’s a Hover fly, not a bad insect. They actually can be beneficial, they lay there eggs on plants and there larvae eat aphids.

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that looks like it did i kill them by spray ing?

The adults feed on nectar, so if you didn’t directly spray it it’s fine. Better to be safe than sorry.


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Google Photos

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Those leaves look pretty nice.

I have been using captain jacks but leaves are still eaten , trying to

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@Ralph732 Might be a grasshopper, neem oil, or an insecticidal soap spray may help, if you see one, get rid of it. Don’t spray either one on buds when they develop. Plants do look healthy. :+1:

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Outdoors it could be random large insects dropping by for a snack.
Even sprayed they can eat a chunk before moving on
Japanese beetles come to mind.

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I’m lucky to have naturally occurring beneficial insects …I have hover flies,lady bugs ,minute pirates ,lacewings …I also have soybean thrips and oleander aphids and white aphids pear aphids …white flies …I have it all …however I never have to spray anything on my plants because of the beneficial ones …I won’t risk spraying anything because it will kill the good ones too …I’m not disrupting what’s going on here …I won’t even use lawn fertilizer like weed and feed because I leave the weeds for pollinators …y son works for one of those mosquitoe spraying companies and I won’t let him spray here for free …not worth losing the good bugs …

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Been fighting Japanese Beatles on my Big Girl

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sucks! first we fight politicians , now bugs!

I hate those things.
So far this year we have had very few. Some years its like a plague.

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I use beneficial bugs as well. Pretty much the same as you. I had an aphid problem early but then I noticed Ladybugs and let them do what they do. I almost bought Neem Oil. Almost!
Happy growin,

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