Bugs -Need advice for next step

I have bugs under my leaves. I cut off the most infected…but seem to be in sugar leaves and on other leaves as well. I plan to bud wash once I harvest…how can I get rid of now??? About 2-4 weeks from harvest, I have 3 plants, one worse than others.


Capt Jacks Deadbug


I’m growing my plant outdoors for the first time, and I’ve been spraying with captain jacks dead bug every 3 or 4 days. They haven’t started flowering yet, but so far, no bugs.


Spray from 12-18” away, top and underside of leaves…, best to spray after sundown, when the leaves have cooled down.


Hey, could try Praying Mantis, or
Lady Bug’s ~ they only eat bad bug’s,not your hard worked for
Product, I have a acute disdain
For chemicals, the OL Lady made a mixture of blue Dawn dish soap, 2 tsp per quart, couple drops of vegetable oil , mix it for 1 gal water what it does to the pest the oil sticks to the bug , the soap will dry it out only thing is do not apply with full sun on your plants wait for sun to move It will burn your plants or before a rain you will have to reapply.
Within 1~2 minutes, I use it on the whole garden, absolutely 0
Problems, I don’t know how it would react to cannabis though,
I Certainly wish you the very best of luck , I have NEVER seen bug’s
Like those before,


Your bug’s I have identified as Aphids!! Grow weed easy, has a article on your problem, lengthy article,W/H pics under the title
Aphids, I sure hope this helps!!!:wink:

Jacks Deadbug is safe to use all the way to harvest. Just be sure to do a bud wash after the chop. :grin:

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Neem oil and castile soap. Amazon

Thats fine up until flower, just dont use neem while in flower.

Can you use Jack’s deadbug during flower?

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Yes you can use capt jacks during flower but do a budwash st harvest thats all

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If you decide to use predators instead of sprays ladybugs are probably the best choice and fairly inexpensive. I think you can even get them on amazon now. Anyway that would be my predator choice for aphids

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I let the bugs takeover the plant lol…I hAve a lot of bud so figure experiment. 1 week they took over plant in full and stunted growth severely on plant

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Dirtyalbany: WOW ! man sorry to hear about the bug’s, do u have a idea on what they are? Pics? Where are ya on your grow cycle? Forgive me, I can’t remember the name of a cannabis bug spray, expecicaly for cannabis, or u can capture a
PRAYING MANTIS, buy online,
They are voracious bug eaters and their only diet is bug’s ONLY!
Lady Bug’s will do the same thing, again they don’t eat plant
Matter, I hope this helps, Cannabis Grow Bible ~3rd edition,Greg Green- $40.00 Barnes and Noble,free shipping, very fast service, GOOD NIGHT!

This stuff is the ONLY stuff I trust, expensive but worth it!!

GH hydroponics Exile kills them in one spray.

You really want to see something? Put ladybugs on the plant as Aphids are there preferred food. Then get a magnifier and watch them destroy the aphids.

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