Newbie Plant Failure

First timer here
Anytime i start a seed it starts good then falls over and breaks at about 5-6 inch.
If I could get past that point i could do ok with it. What am I doing wrong.

I was given a well started plant from a friend of a friend and did very well with that one.
Thanks for any info.


Howdy Moman
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Seems like your seedling is stretching for light


Welcome @moman

It looks like your seedlings are getting too much water and way too little light.


Welcome to the community, repot the seedling and back filll up to one inch from floage.
Good luck :v:


Hi Bud you need plenty of holes in your cup and put the light closer to your seedling with another clear cup use as a dome and put just a thimble of water around your plant and spray the dome and sit back and keep a eye on it. Good Luck.


Agree with everyone else, to little light and to much water. They need very little water at this point.

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It makes sense as I always tried to just start them inside with just a warm room and the window light.
Since buying seeds10-12 bucks apiece I would like to do it right this time.
I will buy a small grow light to get them started good before putting them outside.
Would the small led grow lights that Lowes or Walmart sells do the job for getting a seedling ready for the outdoors?
Any suggestions for a small grow light would be great, Im only trying to grow my states limit of 4 at a time so I dont need anything large or costly.
Thanks again for the help