Seedlin Analysis

I’ve got a week old seedling that doesn’t look like its doing well.

I think its girl scout cookie feminized seed from IGLM. I have it under 32watt GE LED bulb. I am planning to move it outdoor in a few days. Currently sitting in fox farm happy frog soil waiting to be transplanted to a 5 gallon bucket with fox farms ocean forest. Watering with very little water 2x per day. Light is roughly 12" away.

Thank you

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Sometimes they can look like they are not growing but they are focusing on root development

Stop watering the plant and just damped the soil with a spray bottle.
As this young of an age they get most moisture thru humidity. You will stunt the growth
and set the roots up for root rot. Wait until the first 3 finger leaves are poised at the top
node waiting to unfurl before watering the soil. I don’t want to see you end up with a
dead stump.

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Looks fine! Where do you live that you can plant out so soon?

I would consider transplanting when it gets larger. That pot doesn’t allow roots to go through as well as the marketing advertises.
Looks good though.

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Thank you for the replies!

I’ve got a sprayer on the way. I am in Southern California, is next week too soon for going outside? I am just using two 32watt GE grow bulbs at the moment. Should I order an HLG 100 and keep them indoors a little longer?

I want to get them out of the tiny peat pots because they are too small, but don’t want to transplant them more than 1x, so I was waiting a little bit before putting them in the 5 gallons. Should I transplant them to something now? I’ve got 3.5" cubed pots right now for my next batch of seeds that I can use.

You’ll need to harden off the plant, take it outside in a shady area first, so it can get used to the full power of the sun. The sun has just a tad more poer than a 32 watt bulb, an will fry that little baby or even a large plant would need to be hardend off.

Wait for 4 more leaves to come out, and it should be a proper size.

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