Grown 3 inches (7cm) in 5 days then drop down

I’m a first time grower who started with Northern light. After sprouting I planted the seed in an organic mixture of poting mix with some coconut coir (I didn’t get perlite in a shop).
It all started well. The plant came out and showed first two leafs. I put on the light - 4 W full spectrum LED bulb. It grown 3 inches (cca 7 cm) in a first week, then suddenly fell down to the ground and it all looks like the growth has stopped. It has been a week now while it is down. What is happeneing? What should I do?
It looks like this now:

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That’s because you don’t have anywhere near enough light.


Bring your light closer. She’s growing up because she needs more light.


How much of LED light is enough for one plant?
I know: As much as you can… But how much is enough?

The simple answer seems to be 50 actual watts per square foot. So the bigger the plant gets the more light you need to cover it. And with those little lights you’ll probably need to keep them fairly close. But there’s far more knowledge people than me here. Including some using plain light bulbs like you have. There’s also different color spectrums of light that play a role in how the plant grows.


Light light light ! She streched that way in search for light, pooor baby !


More light. Even if it is a bigger cfl bulb you buy from Home Depot or Walmart until you can get a better, more suitable light for growing.

The little girl isn’t getting the photosynthesis she needs to grow

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Your answers were univocal so today I installed:

  1. 85 W of full spectrum LEDs
  2. 25 W of compact fluoroscent light with soft light
  3. 30 W of compact fluoroscent light with bright light
    The plant really looks like sick. I hope it is soon enough and will help.
    Thanks for advising :slight_smile:

Make sure your not overwatering either… that pot looked really wet… small plants dont need much water in the beginning… :wink:



remember that actual wattage is lower than advertised wattahe. that 85w led may only produce 15 actual watts of light…

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Move the light much closer to the seedlings. For plants that young it doesn’t need to be high watts, just high intensity light. That’s what I’ve learned about seedlings. Bright light real close @Mario

You can use a piece of wire or pipe cleaner something to support the stalk until it grows more . You should download ILGM grow bible . It has everything you need to know to get started .


dont stress too much if this seedling doesnt make it. it will be really easy for the seedling stem to break, especially if you try to support it - ironic right? i tried to grow 20 years ago with a bag seed and ran into a similar problem, it was disappointing, but dont worry just try ur best and start over if she doesnt make it.

Can you just put your new sprouts outdoors during the day? Even for the first couple of weeks until they get established? I keep a nice grow light out there about 93 million miles up in the sky and I’d be happy to share it with you. It’s pretty easy to keep small plants stealthy if that’s a concern.

If your days are short, you might need to be sure to bring them in and be careful not to fry them in the early days.

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