Dying seedlings

Got my G13 seeds to sprout…they had a film like matter when they sprouted in my cup of water so I put them in soil. I’m having a hard time once they break through…get to about 2 - 4 inches then die…I have all the proper lights and a grow tent and did grow a big batch last fall but I had a hard time getting the sprouts to get past the initial phase…
how far from the break thru sprouts should the lights be ? thanks for any help !! it’s fun once they get established

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Overwatering is by far the most common cause of seedling loss. Do you have pics to share?

Nothing is too close with the exception of the seedling experiencing heat from the light. Many people will start at ~18 to 24". It depends a bit on what light you are using.


Exactly what he said.
I have used CFL bulbs at 2 or 3 inches and also a 100watt grow panel at 24 inches. There is no one size fits all answer to this. But seedlings dying can almost always be traced to too much water.
I have never seen anyone here who killed a seedling by not watering. I placed a sprouted seed in damp happy frog soil and left it for 3 solid weeks without watering and it finally wilted on day 21.
Here is a couple pics at 14 and 21 days. Just for the knowledge I did it, don’t recommend it as a grow technique. But it illustrates that we shouldn’t worry about them dying from lack of water.


Great examples.


Thanks for the feed back…when they first push through the soil and emerge how much light per day do you use ? Thanks !

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Depending on what space is open in my grow areas will give them 18 to 24. 24 hrs helps keep them from getting to stretchy. After a week I go to 18/6 until time to flip to 12/12 for flower.
Autos I leave at 18/6.


GREAT !! Thanks for the advice…I might have more questions as I go ! Tp

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I do it differently and soak small rockwool cubes in light nute solution and cal-mag PHd to 5.8 at about 500 ish ppm EC×700 and 4ml per gal barley straw extract to prevent a lot of the algae. Place seeds in the hole pointy end down, or try, gently push to bottom and pinch shut. Place in humidity dome with plastic tray with 500 ish PAR light. Can download Photone and get PAR measurements on light.

Should sprout in 2-3 days, dont water it for a week. Transplant to bigger cube, or plant the cube in dirt or hydro. Mine go into a 3" cube, with 100 ml only same food mix, then 8" Net pot for hydro, but you can just plant it anywhere really.

Try covering them with a clear cup or plastic bag, if the soil is moist when they go in and it’s covered that’s plenty of water for them for a week or so. I had a terrible time with seedlings until I started doming them. My issue was water related, me doing it too much!


Thanks ! great info…I’ll give it a try ! Tp

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“Dome” (solo cup cover) also provides hydration void zone (splash free) around seedling stem and makes roots seek out water, farther out from stalk.