Some trouble starting up

Some advice needed for a fellow grower:

I just can’t seem to get my seeds to grow past beginning stages to vegetative stage without them dying? I moved my whole operation into my basement workshop recently to see if this would help. I reread your guide on germinating and set my HPS 400 watt light a few inches above my seedlings and they never grew past the white root stage? I have a humidifier on a timer there. I water them twice a day by spraying the top of the soil with water and nothing? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? Frustrated

I used to have the same problems until I went to home Depot and got one of those work lights with the metal cone and a 40 watt CFL and used that for germination.Also I went to only giving it a couple sprays once a day instead of twice a day to keep the top inch or so moist.Your problem could be simple over watering and maybe too intense lighting for the young plants.spray the medium until the top inch or so is moist and then let it dry before you water it again.hope this helps

I think Cash has some good advice. We really would need much more information, but what Cash has brought up is about the most likely scenarios we could think of with such little information.

Seeds most often die with a new grower from over watering or over feeding. They need to stay moist but not too wet, too wet and it can drown their delicate roots. The roots need lots of oxygen. And not too many nutrients in the water or the soil, or this will also kill young developing roots and seedlings.

And temperature is a concern too, warm, but not too hot. A 400 watt HPS only a few inches above sounds like it might get way too hot.

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Well there’s your biggest problem right there. You NEVER put 400 watt hops lights 2 inches from your seedlings and then ( no disrespect ) but then you ( DROWN ) your plants never give seedlings that much water. That much Light and water would be for a plant in the flower.
I suggest you download RobertsGrow Bible up in the right hand top Conner and read it a few times.
I myself have read it 5 times maybe more…lol
Hope this helps.
Founded helpful free to ask.

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I am trying something new! Trying to help someone grow inside don’t know the type … The plant is about 3 weeks old… It is growing fast… But it is having trouble holding its self up all the way… Doesn’t have all the leaves yet… Is there something wrong with it?? Or will it be ok when it grows a little more? We’re using like. A 60 wtt grow bulb from lowes ? In the metal cone thing… Any help would be awesome new to this … I love all the info I have found on here and thank you all

Suds420 ,
Get a stick or something to help it stand up. Now put some air blowing.
This will help her to get a strong stem. Make the air blow over her lightly.
Now the light could be 2 inches from your plant .

Could you send or posts couple of pic’s we be very helpful

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I read your post. You cannot place a 400 watt hps a few inches above sprouts. It should be 2’-3’ above then plants



60 watt incandescent grow bulb from Lowe’s? Or a CFL or other type light that actually uses 60 watts, or is it a light that is “equivalent” to a 60 watt incandescent light?

By the way, incandescent lights are usually not good for growing and a 60 watt one, even one that is “labled” a grow light, would make for a very thin, lanky, stretchy plant, because it is not getting enough intense usable light. This is probably why it is so tall and not able to hold itself up.

Adding a fan to stir the plant about lightly will help encourage it to develop rigidity in its stems, and giving it support will help. But you likely need to add more lights or get a lot bigger more powerful and efficient light for the plant.

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