White widow and super skunk from seeds :)

Looking good!

first week in flower

That is a beautiful grow :mrgreen:

Someone has some work to do :smiley:

WW 4 more weeks and SS first week in flower. WW flowers small after 5 weeks?

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That is a beautiful sea of green indeed!

first week of flowering NL third week for SS august 12th Ohio valley US

7 days into WW and my seed sprouted and then I put it in a 5 gal smart pot with happy frog soil and it sprouted up to 5 inches tall. It only has 1 set of leaves.

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Make sure the light is strong enough to prevent excessive stretch.


Scott37 says:

I have a very strong hps light, but I’m not using it yet. I was afraid that the frail young stem might get damaged by the light. Am I way off? I appreciate any guidance.

Personally I don’t think there is such a thing as too much light for a plant. Unless that said light is causing too much heat. If you cannot solve the heat issue then of course there is such a thing as too much. However, keep in mind no light will ever compare to the sun, therefore you cannot overdo it with light. Plants need light to grow, period. I used a 400 watt Mh/hps for a single plant. It loved the light and thrived!

Seedlings are a bit more delicate of course, a 400 watt, even in a closed hood and so the heat is controlled, too close to seedlings might still cause problems. It is rare, but there is a thing called photo-inhibition, but I’ve only seen this in some LED systems and 1000 watt lights with contained cooled hoods, and even then the buds or plant parts had to be almost touching the light to suffer from photo-inhibition. But the point is, you can in some cases get too much light. It is best to use a light appropriate for the period of growth. Sure you can grow seedling with a 400 watt light from a decent distance away, but it is an awful waste of electricity when a LED, T5 or CFL setup might give more than enough light for most of veg.

True. I didn’t know he was referring to a seedling. I had my seedling under 2 26watt cfls until the third set of leaves. It might have been week two of veg I believe. But then it was 400 from there on out. Agreed, a seedling doesn’t need 400 watts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My 1 plant didn’t even need 400. I could’ve gotten away with 250. But 400 is what I had.