Can HPS lights can be used in the germination and seedlings stage?

Instead of setting up CFLs for seedling stage, can I dim HPS lights by 50-75%.
The advantage is I don’t need two different setups. It seems much simpler.
What do you think? I am a newbie and will start with one or maximun two plants.

Thank you for help in advance.

Yes I just did it


Thank you for your prompt reply.

Yes it can; And; As with the Sun, we must take precautions to keep the lamps far enough away to not scorch the seedlings.


Hi, I use HPS all the time. Just watch them for stretching as seedlings will try under HPS light. Mike

How far would i have too hang HPS bulb over my 2 seedlings? I have 600 watt hps light and also is that to high wattage for seedling or do i have to set it to 400 watts?

By all means set it to 400 if you can. That is exactly what I used from new clones to finish first time around. Worked fine.


I had learned my lesson LOL killed 2 seedlings both dried up horrible outcome didnt onow 300 watt cfl bulb would put out so much heat and it was 24 inches away from plant and had ventilation and fan running…

Seedlings do not stretch due to HPS light. It is because the light is just a bit “too” high but, generally necessary to keep from burning them up. :wink:

Use the back of your hand which is delicate to heat. If it is too hot for your hand, it is too hot for seedling. Try to place lamp high enough to keep your hand gently warm. If it is digital; cut it down to 50% and use hand as test for height.

I am surprised you toasted them with a CFL; Although a 300 watt CFL is a strong lamp. Must have had it way too close :slight_smile: