Newbie growing 2 ILGM GG #5 *Weekly updates*

This will be my second grow, the first was from a bag seed and was more a proof of concept more than anything else. It gave me the ability to slowly build out my grow while learning some hard lessons about soil and water ph.

If you want to check the hot mess that turned into you can find it linked at the bottom of this post

If you are curious what the SNES cartridge is about it houses a Raspberry Pi 3 with a AM2302 temperature/humidity probe. I have an SQL database that records temperature and humidity on the hour along with a photo and logs it out to a basic HTML5 local hosted page. I included an example photo below, if you are interested in adding some technology to your garden let me know and I can post more about the setup, CCNA by trade so I love using technology to help us get the best plants possible.

This post will receive a weekly update with a photo on Wednesdays #weedwednesday :joy:

About the grow (If I missed anything let me know, I will add it)
Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest with a 30% Perlite mix
Genetics: Fem Seeds from ILGM, Gorilla Glue #5
Climate Control: The grow is in my basement but tented as it is not a finished affair down there. Since I am into the first part of winter I am using a 17-watt germination mat. I also have a 700-watt oil heater on standby if it gets really cold this winter.

Light: 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum
Ventilation: 2x 6 Inch 240 CFM Booster Fans (1 intake 1 outtake) CoolGrows 6 inch Air Carbon Filter
Nutrition: Advanced Nutrition 3 part (Bloom, Micro, Grow)

Day 1 (11/14/2018)

Day 7 (11/22/2018)
I apologize for being late with the first update, after a week of struggling with germination I finally found a way that works for me. Original I had started two ILGM GG#5 seeds in the soil mix I have listed above. After five days of zero signs of germination. I carefully removed the soil to find both seeds had not even cracked. My theory is my soil was just draining too well not allowing the seed to get moist enough to start. This was on Monday morning. I decided to order Rapid Rooters as I have seen others have success with this method. I moved the two failed seeds over into a damp paper towel and added another for a total of 3 germinating via the paper towel method. They have all been moved into Rapid Rooters as of yesterday along with a fresh seed placed directly into a Rapid Rooter. For science, I used some of my throwaway seeds to try the germination in water method something I had never done. All four of them show progress in their respective rapid rooter since transplant yesterday. For me, it looks like the fastest method is 24 hours in a damp paper towel and then straight into a rapid rooter pod. Next week I hope to have some actual progress to show you and will update on which method yield the best germination results.


Day 14 (11/28/2018)
Good Day! Well, I have good news to report. Unfortunately, the first two seeds I used never would germinate even after placed into the Rapid Rooter plug. The third seed that was placed in the paper towel method for 48 hours was the fastest to germinate. Followed two days later by the seed that was placed directly into the Rapid Rooter medium. 3 out of 4 of the bag seeds did sprout and they had been germinated for 24 hours in just water. The sprout that is just above the soil is a seed placed directly in the Rapid Rooter. The larger sprout is from the 48 hours in paper towel and then moved into a Rapid Rooter.

At this point, I have removed all the bag seed for science! plants and trashed them leaving me with my two GG#5 plants. I chalk the first two GG failed germination seeds to beginner mistakes, This was the first time I have germinated indoors before I just let mother nature do the heavy lifting but now I feel like the best system for me is 48 hours in the damp paper towel method then directly into the Rapid Rooter Plug.

Day 21 (12/5/2018)
Few things to report this week, I have moved them to the five-gallon pots and added a humidifier to the tent due to the dry heat conditions in the basement I needed to increase it by roughly 20-30%. Now it staying in the 60-70% range at all times.

The only other thing that was changed is I added a new camera and got rid of the trash one I was using, this one will timelapse a nice quality picture once a day and I plan to stitch a timelapse at the end of all of this. The heating mats are working nicely to keep the tent warm and I have not had to use the heater. I included a screenshot of my last 24 hours of readings just for the sake of it.
Week%203A Week%203C Week%203D

Day 28 (12/12/2018)
This week has seen amazing progress with the canopies really starting to open up. The heating mats have been working great even with the nights in the mid-teens the basement tent is staying nice and warm without the need of a heater placed in the tent. I am continuing with just ph balanced water. The paper towel germinated plant is still a little ahead of the one I placed directly into the Rapid Rooter but they both have excellent color. So far I am very pleased with my results. This is my favorite part of the grow, the plants seem to get visibly larger overnight.
Week%204ANL Week%204BNL Week%204CNL Week%204EL Week%204GL Week%204HL Week%204JL Week4DNL

Day 35 (12/19/2018)

Man the difference genetics and a little experience have made on my second grow attempt. Plant growth is exploding and I hope to top them by Monday or Tuesday of next week. My only complaint is I potted them into 7-gallon cloth pots with 5 gallons of dirt which have resulted in some canopy crowding with the pot walls. Next time I will just go straight to 5 gallons full cloths. I started nutrients today at 20% strength today watering until I got run off, plan to ramp up throughout the coming week as long as the plants respond positively.

Also Merry Christmas All! :santa:

Week%205B Week%205C Week%205D

Day 42 (12/26/2018)
First I hope everyone had a great holiday! The girls continue to impress me with the sheer size increase each week, the leaves have this beautiful uniform pattern. I am watering every 2 - 3 days depending on soil moisture. My water yesterday was at 50% strength on the nutrient, still pretty gun shy after my last crop failed in bloom due to Nitrogen poisoning. Temperatures still doing okay with just the mats and we have had a few cold nights.

What is everyone’s opinion on when to flush? I plan on staying in veg until late Jan. Should I flush before moving into bloom? I know it is important to flush in later bloom to clear the excess nutrients.

Week%206A Week%206B Week%206C Week%206D Week%206F

Day 49 (1/2/2019)
Happy New Year All! The plants continue to flourish added massive amounts of canopy growth on a daily basis. My only concern is that I have planted in 7-gallon cloth pots with 5 gallons of soil. In the first two pictures for this week, you will see the roots breaking outside the bag into the drain pan. How should I go about handling this? Do I need to repot? I was under the impression 5 gallons of soil was enough for indoor plants. Plan on at least 2 more weeks in Vegetation before the schedule switch. Currently at full strength on my nutrient feed.

As always, thanks!
Week%207A Week%207B Week%207C Week%207D Week%207H
Week7E Week7F Week7G

Day 56 BLOOM IS HERE!(1/9/2019)

First let me say thank you to everyone that gave me advice on the potting situation, this week has been a busy one for the plants, on Sunday I potted them fully into 7-gallon pots and flushed approximately 10 gallons of PH balanced water. Today the schedule was moved to 9 pm lights on to 9 am lights off, I prefer to keep my lights on at night during the winter just to lessen the amount of heat needed in the winter. I am excited to push the plants over into bloom and ready to see the first bud peeking. Until next week, take it easy!
Week%208A Week%208B Week%208C Week%208D Week%208E Week%208F Week%208G

Pi 3 Temperature/Humidity server

Previous Grow Thread (Man this is rough :roll_eyes:)


Im here and set to watchin. Best of luck n nice snes setup. Sounds hella cool

Week two update is live, It just dawned on me that I don’t think you guys get updates if I just edit my first post. I am doing it this way so I have a nicely formatted start to finish log.

If you do get updates with the edits please let me know so I don’t bump the post once a week.


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Yea got no update ting. Thanks for the poke tho. Lemme go :eyes::eyes:

Ok. Nice looking sprouts. Love the bagseed for science clique. They came. They served. They were culled. :joy:

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Week 3 is live <.<

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Coming on along bro. They spreading those roots out

Week 4 is alive! :sunglasses: Time is flying

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Grow babies grow. Yup they are taking on off. Did you up pot or plan to? Also what size pots?

Week 5 is alive! <.<

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They are getting to rolling. Well done n looking good bro :+1:t5:

Week 6 is here! What is your opinions on when to flush? See post for more details

Wowzers. Yes that beautiful uniform lush growth is a sign of healthy ladies. Keep doing what ur doing.

In regards to flushing. Its really a matter of ur nutrient regimen and what ur schedule calls for. Some brands are heavier n call for regular flushes. At minimum i recommend a flush after transition (week or two of 12-12) before u start heavy on bloom. Just to get mass N outta the soil. Also never completely pull N (til preharvest).

All that said. Keep doing ur thang for now. We’ll cross that bridge then. What kind of nutes u using again?

I am currently using Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro, Grow

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Week 7 is alive with a Question about my root system Thanks all!

:fireworks: HAPPY NEW YEAR :fireworks:

Wow they are getting pretty big. Can u take a few measurements. Height n width.

Ok on the pot. 5 gallons should take more then a month to fill in veg. SHOULD. If they are healthy, they are growing. So not a bad problem. U could just top up the soil to fill the pot. The roots will find dirt. That from the bottom im not sure if itll hurt. @MattyBear @raustin @blackthumbbetty @Budbrother all use fabrics so id let them chime.

Also im pretty sure AN is a high salt type of nute. So scheduled flushes are pretty normal n recommended. Id follow the schedule there.

Definitely flush with that line. I started out using those 3 on my first 4 grows. Lots of build-up, especially with my hard water.

The pH perfect technology is also only perfect for hydro (it buffers it to 5.5-6ish), so you still need to keep an eye on your pH.

I don’t see your other posts, so I can’t answer those questions.

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Its at the very top. He runs an abbreviated type of journal. Roots busting out the bottom of pot tho.

Thanks for AN chime tho. We know idk

I agree with Betty on the flushing as concerning the AN line.

If you add soil to the pots, I reccomend a light scraping of the main stalk before covering up. This will encourage root development from the area being covered in new soil.

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BLOOM IS HERE!! The week 8 updates is live , Thanks for all the advice on the pot size!

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The stretch is on! Congrats on the flip. Now get ready to see some serious growth