Air Change rate needed?

I have a small tent in my unfinished basement, the tent is 4x2x6(LWH) with an air volume of 48 Cubic feet. I use 2 iPower 6 Inch 240 CFM fans, 1 on the intake 1 on the carbon filter outtake. For heating purposes how fast do I need to run these fans for my two plants? Obviously its easier to control the temperature when they are running slower but I also want to make sure I am providing a healthy enviroment for the plants. if you need to take a look at my space the link is at the bottom.

Thanks so much!

Like once every 3 minutes is considered minimum. You would need to see what kind of static load you’re putting on your system to get an accurate exchange rate. But you’re likely plenty good to slow your fans some.

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48 qu ft x 4 = 192 cfm
either a good HO 4" or a regular 6" fan will do.!

assuming u r gonna fill the 2x4 with light.!!