Potting Issue with GG#5

Hey Guys looking to get some advice on my roots, full grow log at

Have some roots poking out the bottom of 7 gallon cloth pots with 5 gallons of soil, would you guys suggest moving to a different size pot at this stage? If so should I fill a 7 gallon full or just move straight to 10?


Post photos. I just posted over there too. Smart to move here. More traffic

I would move them to a 10g pot. What kind of cloth pots u using? My vivoson ones are super thick and heavy duty. I havent had any grow out the bottem like that before

The current pots I am using in the 7-gallon flavor, just picked up the 10-gallon vivosons to move the plants this weekend and flush. Plan on holding in Veg for 2 more weeks if all continues to go well.


Thanks again for everyones help and input!


If you can rest them on something sturdy so that the pot is elevated off the ground, they roots will airprune themselves. You shouldn’t need bigger than a 7 gal pot indoors either :v:


I was going to say the same thing as @MattyBear. The point of the fabric pots is that, if the plant is robust, the roots will poke out and air prune themselves. This isn’t a cause to up-pot them, just a sign that all is working as it should. An inside grow shouldn’t require anything larger than a 7-gallon pot, unless you’re trying to accomplish something specific; i.e. a really long grow. Personally, I use 5-gallon pots, and feel that those are just fine for my space. Good luck!

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Five gallon pots are more than enough for indoor grows @WonkaMan

And @MattyBear has you covered
@Bandwidth With the roots growing out of the pots tho it makes me think maybe your not watering or feeding often enough and the roots are hunting for it

What is your schedule like feed water feed etc ??
Just curious


Thanks for the reply @Countryboyjvd1971

I am watering every 2 to 3 days depending on how moist the soil is, lately it has been raining almost every day pushing watering to mostly every 3 days due to the higher humidity.

Is that not often enough?

After the replies and sleeping on it, I am going to add soil to my 7-gallon pots and move them up on a little base so any roots that come out in the future will Air prune. Thanks


That’s good water when dry
What and how much are you feeding them ? @Bandwidth
Also it’s always best to fill the pots with soil :+1:

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If I could bend your ear on this topic of feeding it would help me a great deal because to be honest, this has been the most confusing part to me as a newbie grower.
3 in 1 that I use https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004FYSDFQ/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Now on each bottle, the instructions remain the same, 1ml for Seedlings, 2ml for young Plants and 4 ml for mature plants per liter

Now I am really trying to avoid feeding too much but if my math checks (I mix in 1 gallon or 3.78L) milk jugs. That would mean approximately 15ml per each portion of the 3 in 1 per 1 gallon.

Made a major error in my first grow and did not flush and the build-up put the plant into nitrogen toxicity and ultimately ruined the crop. I’ve been working on reading the leaves as the old-timers say but I don’t have much experience to guide me.

Any advice is great appreciated

PS- Today I a re-poting into a full 7 gallon and flushing the plants to prepare for bloom transition at the end of next week. They look great!

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@Bandwidth your math seems good to me I have not used those nutrients myself but recommend you follow mfg mixing instruction for given weeks
Feed once a week at full streagnth as directed and you’ll be ok you can always feed more if they need it
Good to hear you going into flowering best part imho I love watching them flower haha
Once you get comfortable feeding and using the brand of nutrients you’ll be able to push them harder if you wanted
Also monitoring the ppm of your run off on water days will help you judge how heavy of a feeding you need next feed day

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