Should I pot up

Hi guys, my girls are currently in 5gal fabric pots , I plan on vegging for another 2 weeks before I flip, I’ve just noticed they’ve started to air prune and grow out the pot for the last few days, will these pots be big enough or should I pot up to 7 gallon in case? Or will there be plenty of room for roots to develop since they’re air pruning ? I potted up from 3 gal ten days ago

White rhino photos
6 weeks from seed
Coco / 40% perlite
Canna coco range / cultured solutions calmag

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You should be fine in the 5 gal pots!

Are you able to squeeze the pots or are they firm? If they’re squeezable then you’ve got room for root growth and I’d just let them be. If they’re firm, you could repot. They’re in cloth so you don’t have to worry about root bound. But you can get larger plants with larger pots.

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