5 gallon or 10 gallon pots

I have 4 big girls in 5 gallon rootpouch have outgrown my veg tent and are going into flower room today. They have some roots growing out the bottom. Is it too late to put them into 10 gallon pouches if I did it today?


Welcome , Personally I would finish the plant in the 5 gallon pot. If you choose to pot up you may need to use a razor knife And sacrifice your cloth bag to keep from Damaging roots to much. Good luck

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If you want them to have more room to grow, you can always put the 5gal inside of a 10gal. As you can see, the roots will grow through the fabric just fine. It avoids transplant stress and you can just set the pot inside the bigger pot with some fresh dirt. @oldmarine has some good photos of what this looks like in practice.

I wouldn’t bother personally, but as big as that plant is now, she will be thirsty. A bigger pot will reduce the frequency of watering, if nothing else.


I agree @Graysin …they have a ways to go. I would just put soil in 10 gal and set plant in. The roots are so clean! wow


Get ur 10gallon fabric pot fill with soil and place the five gallon fabric pot on top of ur ten gallon bag the roots will grow into the ten gallon that way u wont damage roots