Do I re-pot or let em air prune?

I’m at 2 weeks of flower if ya wanna call it that. More like 4 days I could actually tell on this plant. The roots look like I would re-pot In any other situation. They’re 5 gallon square but never stayed square and I have about 7 gallons worth of soil in em.


That’s how the fabric pots are supposed to be, I’ve never had an issue


Elevate those pots and you won’t see that. They’re not able to air prune properly if they’re sitting in the floor.


I had a Super Skunk that started showing roots just before flower. I put her into a 10 gallon pot and let the roots grow down.


Couple pieces of PVC or PECKS under the pot works great. At one time I had a rack in the bottom of my tent but Have changed my ways . The best I can remember @BobbyDigital Posted using PVC couple years ago. Has work great for me since.

I use these:

Gotcha… guess I’ll have to grab that.


I’m a recycle reuse type of person. Got home from work smoked one and went wandering in the basement. This is what I ending up with. Put a small hole for my meters. Hopefully works out this grow. Don’t like the square pots so going back to the rounds.


That will work.

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