Roots exposed during flowering

So, my plant is currently in a 3 gal fabric pot and I started flowering about a week ago, (week 1 day 5) and Ive started to notice that the roots are growing out the sides and bottom of my fabric pot. Should i transplant the plant or just leave it as it?

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What size fabric pot and can you post a photo please so we can see the extent?

Nah dude - you’re fine! The root tips will do that and they’ll eventually die off. That’s the “air pruning” effect of the fabric pot. It’s a good sign if you have them coming out the side, shows good root penetration of the medium. If you leave run off in your trays they’ll eventually find their way to it and grow. The light exposure and air circulation are least effective there to induce the effect.
But, it’s perfectly normal.

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This an auto or photo? What strain?


This is skywalker OG fem

They are 3gal

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This is normal, proceed as if you didn’t notice.


Yep thats the purpose of a fabric pot. Air pruning.

Get a bigger pot fill with soil and sit ur pot in that pot let ur roots grow into the bottom pot

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That pot is not doing air pruning it’s supposed to stop when they reach the edge of pot and then branch out is that a new pot or old @fuzzyflo

Its a new pot

There trying to get more air i would get more air flow around the bottom of the plants and it should take care of your problem if you don’t want to transplant @fuzzyflo

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