Roots growing through my fabric pot

I didn’t think something like this normally happened but has anybody else ever had roots grow out of the bottom of their fabric pots into the tray? The roots appear to be healthy so I’m not complaining but I’d like to be aware of and prepared for anything extra I might have to do to keep them thriving. Prune the roots, sprinkle on some myco, tape the sidewalls of the trays to prevent light from getting inside, etc.

Fabric pots will air prune the roots as long as they come in contact with the air and the humidity levels are low. If you leave the pot in the runoff, the roots will thrive. Get yourself some kind of rack so the roots will air prune…


Thank you @oldmarine. Definitely wasn’t expecting to see that when I lifted the pot to check the runoff today haha.

Its a normal feature of fabric pots. I have used it to transplant by just setting the small fabric pot into a larger one and the roots just grow thru the sides and bottom. Low stress transplant.
See how the root system developed on this one that was placed into a larger pot.


I use quart sized nursery bags for seedlings and clones.

When I transplant I just pop those bags into a fabric pot.

I can veg a plant for several months ( I have one growing now that was in veg for about 7 months) and might need to transplant again. If that’s the case, I just pop those fabric pots into (or onto) a larger container…


You need to lift up ur pots up out of the trays that hold water and u need to get a bigger pot full of soil and put ur pot with the roots coming out into the bigger pot so ur roots grow into the soil ur pot is sitting on

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I swear I’ve thought of trying this with regular plastic pots. Cut the bottom off and place on/in fresh nuted soil

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It will work, I grow tomatoes outside and the roots grow out of the drain holes and right into the ground. One main taproot and that plant is secured let me tell you. Fabric pots are the same. Roots right thru the bottom and into the ground. As long as they dont have a gap the roots will find a way to keep on searching. No need to cut the bottom off. Just a few holes is enough.