Help ROOTS are growing through fabric pot!

So i started a my grow in solo cups into 3 gallon pots today i lifted the pot up and fully noticed all the roots have grown through the bottom of the pot what do i do i will attach a photo PLEASE I NEED ADVICE or is this normal they look super healthy though! Do i try to cut the bag off them aroound the sides and put them into 5 gallons or leave as is there only 4 weeks into veg!! Please everyone or any experienced help and advice will be amazing or am i worrying about nothing i ised to use fox farms nutrients switched to advanced

nutrients and now this loo


You need to get a screen that rises the pot up of the plastic pan. This will allow the outside of the bag dry out and it will self prune.

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So 3 gallon pots will be ok for the full grow just get them lifted off the plastic drip trey? With that much rootscoming through will it harm the plant thank you for your advice

Should be fine and yes the 3 gallon is good. Once they dry up they’ll fall off.

Bro i really appreciate your advice i was freaking out !!! Thought i was ginna lose the beauties

@HeyJB has you covered. I use these things. Just got a few more on sale.

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You could just put soil in your 5 gallon pots & just set the 3 gallon pots in them. Im sure they would love the room, if your able to let them grow

air pruning, roots love oxygen! She’ll be fine, all mine grow roots through the bottom and sides of the bag :love_you_gesture:


Yup, perfectly normal to have roots grow through. They will air prune as others suggested, but not necessary to make them.

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I used the saucer and plant riser combination for a while. However removing the runoff from the saucer to check ph & ppm was an unpleasant task. I had to regularly test runoff because it is SOP with most nutrients. Water / feed to 20% runoff and test.
As an alternative, use a wire shelf (rubbermaid, closetmaid etc) elevate it and place the saucers underneath it.

There are also wheeled plant stands with removeable trays