Is it time to Harvest? Photos Included

My grow is on day 107 for Gorilla Glue #4, Being as this is only my second grow and looks amazing compared to my first I am eager to harvest.

Judging by my trichomes is it time to cut? Just don’t have enough exp to be confident in my choice.

Thanks so much

PS. The bud picture was taken on day 105 everything else was taken on day today day 107

If you need more information or picture of the grow you can find them over in my grow journal

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I think a lil longer as I can’t see amber … all depends on what type of high You want.

Good looking buds btw


I agree. Mostly cloudy, still a lot of clear. No amber. Be patient and you will be rewarded.


I bet you’re only days away from seeing the amber.


i m seeing half clear and half cloudy, but it is not quite magnified/clear enough for me,
they all kinda look cloudy in the pics,
judging by the ones currently turning cloudy and seeing no amber i think 50/50,

another 1-3 weeks unfortunately.!
2-3 is most realistic.


Have you snipped a bud and sampled it? I have read through this site and all of the replies I have seen listed here seem like good advice! If I were you, I would have to try a bowl!!!

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i see only clear and some cloudy trichomes. i see no amber. supposedly you want 1/4 trichomes amber for top notch buzz but you can do early if you want the “up” effect you can get from harvesting before amber shows up much (i am parroting what i have heard on here for past month). good luck in your finish of this grow and congrats on great looking plants!

You’re definitely at a point where you should be checking daily, but there’s too much clear right now.


Agreed, it’s at the point where every day your going to see change so check it and being that your asking this question this should be helpful for you to decide when YOU want to harvest, depending on what your looking to get out of the high.


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Alright guys hate to bug you guys again but I am at the point where they look good to cut, my concern is I work M-Thur 12+ hours a day and harvest before Friday morning would not be feasible.

So pull the trigger now? Or wait till Friday? I just know there has been considerable amber visible in this new set of pictures.

Thanks all!!

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I would probably wait until Friday.


I would wait till friday as well. What kind of high were you going for ? I like mine really strong so i would put into 48 hours darkness after friday, but thats just me. I would rather have little to no clear and mostly amber/cloudy triches, but again, personal preference. Beautiful buds regardless.

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What does the 48 hours of dark do?

It induces stress and can cause a boost in trichromes. It also keeps nutrients from being uptaken resulting in a smoother smoke.


You could also drill or split the main trunk too.

The darkness and drying will buy you some time. Harvest can happen in phases so don’t sweat it.
I would still check on them daily and post pictures.
What type of high do you like? Couch lock? Buzzy energetic? Or stoned but still able to function?

I would watch the tricombs daily and then when Im at the right mix of what I think I want I would do the darkness trick, then just cut and hang if you don’t have time to wet trim that’s fine it’s more important to harvest at the right time then to trim.

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Excellent! Last one, During the 48 hours of lights out do I water just before they go out? Normally watering once ever two days been flushing since 2/20/19. PPM is currently just above 400 in both plants.

If it causes a booster in trichomes, wouldn’t the new trichomes be clear?

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To be honest I don’t know for sure but I would water as normal and once you decide it’s done, sink it into the dark and don’t water it.

much better pics.!! got a little more clarity/detail.!

to me it looks like 2-4 more fridays.!
i do not see any amber trichomes, only cloudy and clear,
some of the clear r reflecting the color from the amber pistols.!

an amber trich will have the same amber to dark amber streak in its stalk,
u will see it swirl into the bulb of the trichs, mixing until it is solid amber.!!
the cloudiness comes in more like a wave, squeezing the clear to one side.
this is why we need 60-100x magnification.