Stumbling to the finish

This has been a very interesting experience growing my first crop. I wanted to just grow one plant and really learn about the process before investing the money into fem seeds. I used the seeds from my normal breakup from what I purchased from my main supplier. I have no idea what strain it is which has added to my challenge as a rookie grower.

My seeds were planted on July 13th making today day 109, They spent six weeks in veg until I was forced due to the size of my small tent to push them into bloom. They did amazing and I was able to sex them about a week a later and picked the best looking of the group to be my plant for this grand experiment.

About 8 days ago I noticed the plant was clawing with brown tips, after doing some research and ordering a kit to test my soil ph I realized I had been feeding way to much N during bloom phase. Rookie mistake :confused:

I have been flushing with ph balanced water since then, going by the pictures what would your course of action be? My original harvest date was this Sunday but I feel like my inexperienced mixed with the N toxicity has slowed the growth down. Should I continue to flush and let it run its course? Or should I cut Sunday and not make the same mistakes with my next grow.

PS. Thanks to this great community It has been instrumental in getting my grow up and running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If it were me I would flush it for a little longer. What are your trichomes looking like? If you could wait and get a good flush that would be my first option. No need to ruin all your hard work, you learned from it and that’s all that matters. A good flush will make it better smoke honestly

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Welcome to the FORUM @Bandwidth. Like @ARGrower says your trichomes are the key, and a good flush this close to finish . your plant knows it is time, plus a little N burn. You are OK though.


Can we see the whole plant?


Wrinkled leaves, curled leaves, brown splotches…the lady is telling you…

Best to learn from your mistakes, start over. Start feeding as 20% of feeding schedules…adjust as the leaves indicate.

It’s a learning process…for all of us.

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So the plant is a total loss? Yea I have the feeding dialed in now, it was a misclick on an online calculator that led me to the overfeeding. Started the flush as soon as I noticed the clawing.

Sure! Here she is in all her clawed glory!
Full2 full1

Did the best I could to provide clear pictures, the ones with the watermarked corner are from a 250x digital microscope.

Flower1 Flower2

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Looks like you have at least another week if you can hold out.

Actually If you like a more uplifting high you could take her now I think. Let’s ask @raustin

I don’t think she’s ready yet, even for a head high. I still see lots of clear and no amber. Give her a few more days.

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I knew you would know. I’m still just a green horn.

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Ok, thanks for the advice, I am not in a rush just needed someone with an experienced eye to take a look at it for me.



You have managed to get her this far…might as well, let her grow. Maybe another 3 weeks. More if the new leaves start to look better.

Nutes can still be added, but would suggest a light %. Also two weeks of flushing would avoid the horrible harsh nute taste.

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This late in bloom i think he pass ‘new leaves’ :joy::joy: but point taken

Just wanted to provide an update, continue to flush until today, trichomes had started to cloud and decided to cut my lady before the plant was past gone.

I’ve learned so much during this first grow both from my personal experience and the help of the forums here.

My biggest mistake was using miracle grow soil AND making a calculation mistake and overfeeding for about the first two weeks of bloom. Once the clawing set in it was impossible to flush the soil clean and recover the plant. The nitrogen release in the soil was just working too hard against me.

For my next grow I purchased some fem’d Gorilla Glue Seeds and found a local place that sells the fox farms soil I’ve read so much about.

I never thought I would enjoy this nearly as much as I have it has been a great experience even when I made mistakes.

Now the hard part, waiting on the dry/cure. Until next time friends, Happy Growing!


Turn your light off for the drying! :grinning: