First time grower. it was going sooo well, and then. OMG what am i doing wrong

ok, folks I am going to list most of the info that I see being requested (hoping to have at least half what you need here)…

Growing from seed. Amnesia Haze. Planted May 10
slow started, but fairly robust once it got moving.
Watering with distilled water lightly most days, with nutes only on M-W-F (N5-P4-K2)

This girl looked BEAUTIFUL throughout and was growing slow but sure.
It was faster once out of the initial seedling stage. week 3 of Veg it STOPPED growing (no growth in height that week) and I started to notice some yellowing.

I transplanted from a 4 inch pot to the 3 gallon it is in currently a week or so ahead of planned schedule for two reasons (1. I wanted to do a flush in case I had been to heavy on the nutes, and 2. I wanted a quick peek at root development.)

roots were visible down the sides and bottom once out of the pot (seemed like a nice strong root system). I pulled the lights up a little (24 inches) for the first week in the new home to help ease shock from the transplant. I did get a 3/8" spurt this week. (I was hoping for more). But along with that came further yellowing.

I would like some input if it appears that this seems like its from water, or from nutes. I believe I am ok on light (what do I know at this point, but I am guessing I am killing it with kindness as opposed to not enough light. I do have a pH meter, but its a 3-in-1 and I believe it to be extremely suspect as I don’t seem to get much of a difference in reading no matter what I am sticking it in.

Any guidance, thoughts, advice greatly appreciated.

Amnesia_06_28_2020A Amnesia_06_28_2020B Amnesia_07_06_2020A Amnesia_07_06_2020B Amnesia_07_06_2020C Amnesia_07_06_2020D

Your getting later in to flower I wouldn’t go chasing nutes to much. You might end up with some nute tasting weed. Your close enough that it’s not going to make much difference trying to fix. Could take a couple of weeks to see if what you put in the water today fixed it in 2 weeks by then you could be chopping it down.

Thank you for the response/sanity check. I am more worried about just making sure I don’t kill it. I hear you on the nutes and will stick with just the distilled water for now. I was just a little shocked that I went from full green to all this yellow in a week.

Thanks again!