Newbie growing 2 ILGM GG #5 *Weekly updates*

Day 63 BLOOM WEEK 2(1/16/2019)
New light I am trying
Think the forum cut me off on the amount of times I was allowed to edit the original post. RIP 1 post dream. At any rate it has been a pretty boring week, I am trying a new red bloom light on one of my plants to see if it helps bud growth before I invest in more. I also did some bottom pruning to clean the plants up. They seem to be chugging along, They look and smell amazing.


Day 70 BLOOM WEEK 3(1/23/2019)

Starting to see some nice visible bud growth. Plants are doing well and have been really thirsty. Been balancing the humidity the best I can with the cold front we had move in which required the heating of the grow to maintain 75ish during lights on and 65ish during the dark cycle.

Also, I did some pruning and my god did the cuttings smell amazing. Not like the skunk I find around here but a nice sweet smell. Still pretty amazed how much of a difference having a strong strand helps.


Day 77 BLOOM WEEK 4(1/31/2019)

It’s been a cold week here, sorry for the late update. The plants are looking great, my only concern is that I am getting really close to my light source. I plan on moving to a 80’’ high tent for my next go round. If it does bleach out the tops will it have damage the lower buds? Next time around this tent will be germ/veg and I am going to the larger tent for bloom.

The Bloom boosting red light bulb has caught the smaller plant up, still not sure if it is due to the light or the move into bloom.

Thanks guys!


‘damage’, no, stunt them due to stress, maybe,
it looks like they stretched a bit much, probably due to low light levels,
i would try NOT to top them this late into flower, but it may be a necessary evil as they might continue to stretch without a good light source, the stretching from now on will be mild compared to the previous stretch from converting to flower.

btw, all those blurple pics r a waste, u r the only one that can use them, they just make our eyes hurt, most of us do not even look at them and just scroll past.
good pics r taken under normal ‘white’ light, like your last ones.!!

what brand LED and how many watts does it draw.?
what size grow tent.?
how far above the tops is the light.?

i see 2x ‘booster’ fans listed for ventilation, do u have any circulating fans.?
where do u measure temperature at in the tent.?

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Digging the ladies. Loads of budsites everywhere. :+1:t5: Watch that lighting thing. It will definitely get worse before it gets better. Possibly even stressing and iducing herming. Perhaps some light lst is in order. Slightly bend over n train them downwards. Doesnt have to be a 90 degree angle at all, and as they put on weight u will need to find a way to support them. But some light bending would buy you a few extra inches


I would slowly bend your tops away from your light about all you can do.

I have 2 smaller fans inside the tent circulate air through the canopies.
The grow tent is 4’L x 2’W x 6’H
I measure temperature in two places inside the tent, I have a temperature probe that sit right on top of the soil and then one of the indoor temperature sensor stuck to the rear wall of the tent about half way up.

As of last night the top of my plants are 6’’ from the main light.


My main light is
It draws 240 watts from the wall
Secondary light on one plant as a trial

Time to supercrop them. This will help you some to avoid any light stress issues.

You are doing great.!!
this is your downfall, not enough light to flower all of a 2x4,

they will continue to stretch through out flower trying to get enough light to fatten up the colas,
this won’t happen, but they will try,
idk what to suggest, tuff to make that call with your plants,

topping, bending, more light, less plants (current lights on one plant),
no matter what u do to combat the height problem, they need more light,
Kind says 185w, hi Red is 25w, so 210w best case scenario,
210/8= 26 wpsf, plenty for veg, half of what a 2x4 needs in flower,

i think… Blurple needs 50-60 wpsf in flower to do well,
they will never do great due to bad light spectrum,
2 x 4 = 8 x 50-60 = 400-480 watts needed of Blurple led.

Your doing fine. I run blurples too. My tent :tent: is 4x4x8. I have 2-2000w with 265w@wall. 1-1000w with 265w@wall, 2-35w FLOOD LED, total wattage 5070 light. 600watt draw from wall 4 3 fans plus ventilation/filtration. I battle humidity daily as well. My plants are in flower now and appear to be much like yours so I think they are okay. My harvest never sucks

Day 84 BLOOM WEEK 5(2/6/2019)

Another week and things are rolling along. Put some supports in for the colas, trying some LST on the two that are really close to the light, it may not save the tops from bleaching but at-least I tried something. I am interested in super-cropping but all the information I was able to find on it recommend it be done much earlier in the growth to minimize plant stress.

Am having some yellowing in the bottom portion of the plants from what looks like just lack of light, the top half of the plants look great, the next 1/4 is little droopy and the bottom has some dead leaves that I continue to remove as needed. I did do some pruning this week just in an attempt to open the canopy of the plants up some for the lower nodes.

I am feeding once a week at 4mL/L of the Grow/Micro/Bloom.

Few Questions
@SlowOldGuy @Countryboyjvd1971 @PurpNGold74
When they say “flush” during the final two weeks is that a full 10-gallon flush? Or do I just continue to water as needed with PH balanced?

Do I need to be overly concerned with the bottoms of the plants, not receiving light and having some dead leaf matter?

As always friends thanks for the help!

the end of cycle ‘flush’ is just watering when they need it with plain pH’d water,
this is only needed if u r feeding at maximum levels.!!
i do not do an end of cycle ‘flush’, just cut back on fert’s in the last week or 2.

“overly concerned?”, no, it will not hurt the plant, but…
in a good grow u want to ‘lollipop’ the plants to have 16-18 inches of canopy depth.!!
if needed, i do this in the 2nd-4th weeks of flowering.
this plant was about 24" tall from the pot when finished, if u look closely u can see all the bottom bud sites were trimmed off only leaving the fan leaves, there was no fluff to throw away, it was all bud, small at the bottom but dense and juicy…

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Day 91 BLOOM WEEK 6(2/13/2019)

Things are going great, Buds are starting to add density. My only concern is I have some droopy leaves towards the bottom of the plant. I should have lollipop the plants earlier in the grow but we live and learn.

Should I let the leaves die and fall off on their own? Or do I use my pruning shears and remove them? Just want to use the method that is the lowest stress for the plant to heal.


The Sad Leaves that my question is in reference too

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Hey @Bandwidth, From my understanding, Fan leaves no longer do the plant any good after about the third week in veg so you can trim them off.
Please always consult with your growing doctors before taking my advise… :joy::joy: I am new and on my second grow. I don’t think it will hurt to take a leaf here and there off as long as you don’t do it all at one time. Or, they will fall off sooner or later. I don’t think it’s going to hurt to leave them.

I’m sure @dbrn32 @SilentHippie @raustin @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @Covertgrower can probably shed some light as to what to do with the fan leaves this late in flowering. I count on them as well a host of others to correct me when I’m wrong…lol :joy::rofl::joy:
Looks great.

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So here’s (kind of) the science: it’s usually best to leave fan leaves on unless the health of the plant is in jeopardy. Those leaves produce the sugars needed by the plant to produce the flowers we want. Nutrients are transported back and forth between the roots and these leaves as well so when they are removed you lose both production and storage. Lollipopping a plant is not done until just before harvest for this reason. Let the plant release the leaves on it’s own. That way the plant can extract what it needs before doing so.


I usually only remove fans if i need to get a little more airflow through canopy, or expose some lowers at least a few weeks into flower. And i wouldn’t take anymore than need be at that.

There seems to be a rash of growers wanting to take a bunch of keaves in veg lately, I’m not sure why.


I never cut leaves off I tuck under side colas. Tuck and roll with it.

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I tuck fan leaves, then tuck some more. Why remove energy producers?


Theres abundant youtube vids that recommend and show heavy defol

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