First ilgm gscx grow log

Support ticket

Seeds. iLGM. GSCX
Soil. Fox farm Happy frog
Pot size. 5gal smart pot
Nutes. Full fox farm line
Lights. Seedling stage. 150w Fl
Veg. 400w mh
Flower. 400w hps
Ventilation. 2- 4in inline cooling fans and filters
Co2. Na
Tent. 2x4x7. Sea of green
Temps. Night 62-65
Day 80-83
Humity. 40-45%

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Just curious, are you having an issue?

Do you have any way to keep the day and night temps a little closer together? I shoot for 10 degrees or less difference.

Anyway, happy growing!

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No , no issue yet. I’ve gone threw 2 bag seed grows and temps have stayed the same I’ve tried all kinds of stuff and its not helping very much, plants seem to do fine but thaws y I ordered the self cooling fans, trying to get it down, also the set up the seedlings and clone r in is my propagation box, I plane on having a 3 light set up so I can harvest once a month.
Well that’s the plan any way.

Sounds like a good plan.

If you’re in seedling stage you an up your humidity a bit too probably.

However, you’ve done some grows so you’re more an expert than me. I’m just coming back from over 20 years away from growing.

Can’t wait to see the progress. Any pics yet?

Wait now its floating wth

hehe, I say don’t worry. All my ILGM seeds have germinated. I have trust in them at this point :slight_smile:


The star of the show my ilgm gscx seedling
Isn’t she so cute. Can’t wait to see how she does

Next is my Reggie clone

I took this clone from. A friends plant after it had started budding, I pinched of the little piece of bud and it topped its self so that worked great, also its my first clone. I think I did ok.

These are My bag seed babys, I think the 1 on the right is a male . I know still to early to know for sure but its growing way faster than the other, but who knows,
Any way thinking about getting ride of the bag seeds but i don’t know what to do yet, since the gscx take so long to flower, 77 days I guess i can let them go an see what happens


You have quite the family going on :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, I think I have more than I need @ the moment, but its ok I think

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After only a few hours she sunk again, and now I see the tap root coming out … Wow just wow.

Keep up the good work baby girl! !!

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Awesome man! ILGM seeds are the bomb digity!


Yes they are


My first seed died after I pot it in dirt . I think it got to cold at night and it couldn’t take it .

Owell 4 more left to try , gonna wait on tent light and a few other things.

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Good idea on waiting, as hard as it is. Get everything set up and run it for a couple days monitoring temps/humidity. Adjust vents and fans until you can hold temp then drop your seeds. Way better than trying to play catch-up later. I ran my tent for 2 weeks before dropping a seed.

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The waiting is the worst but also one of the most important parts of a successful grow . Everything takes time and this is a hobby that everything takes a good two weeks more than it should according to the books . Good luck on this next try bud