Flat out of headroom, any solution?

Well, this is my second grow and it has been going great, my tent is 60 inches high. Unfortunately, things are going too well and I am flat out of room to go up. Is there any solution to keep the bud from bleaching or killing my higher canopy growth? I guess I should have moved over to 12/12 sooner but this ILGM GG#5 is such a fast grower.

Thanks All!

Link to light I use

Grow log (Updated every Wed)

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Best you could do is to try to lst. Problem is stem is hardening. Ive got some in mid flower using a scrog & have a couple feet left if need be.


I would try bending it over slowly like mentioned above

Super cropping works well also

Here a pic of a clone I super cropped a few weeks back it has a knuckle now where it’s bent over


I currently have the same issue in my 60” tent. I’m just entering the stretch and I have abou 8” ofngrowth to spare before I encroach on 12” to the light. I’ll keep watching

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how many weeks into 12/12 r they.?
can u lower ambient air temp.? (more ventilation and/or A/C)
can u re-arrange or bend em to get the taller tops away from the light some.?

With a 60 inch tent minus light and distance you need between them
Scrog grows would be best with that limited height or lst
When doing a scrog grow its best to do one plant and allow it to fill screen it take longer to veg them but in the end you can get as much from one plant then you could two or more in same space
I like a 4foit x4foot screen indoors and a 4x8 screen out doors
If I can assist you when you try it let me know @Sixpackdad


Yesterday would be 3 full weeks into 12/12. My grow runs on the cooler side I would say. It is in the basement, during lights off the ambient in the tent is 65-68 degrees. With lights on it is between 72-75. I can move the temperature pretty freely this time of year.

I was under the impression vertical growth slows during bloom, I am learning now how wrong that notion was.

I have moved them about as far as I can at this point, These suckers are huge :sunglasses:, never done any LST but have been reading up on it for future grows.

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I had same trouble with the plant too tall. Supercropping 4 main branches was hell. I tried 3 times doing the massage, giving it some bending but was too stiff to bend without snapping off. One day I tried again and all 4 bent right over. They bent without breaking cuz the plant had been dried out for 2 days so stems were softer

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they stretch between weeks 1 and 4, then they slow quite a bit,

you can top them now and not loose much yield,
because of height problems, this plant was topped about 3 wks into 12/12…


some pics of what u have to work with might help us give better options.!

Yea I have weekly pictures in the grow log, I was thinking about topping just the prime offenders.

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