I may have misjudged height

i started a 12/12 cycle 2 weeks ago and my 80" tall tent has 6" before my light hits the top of the tent. i hope i don’t run out of height

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You just missed the window to bend branches first two weeks is ideal. Why so long to ask?

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i have been bending up to a week ago. but I want to let them grow upward to form nice buds now, no?

by tape measure, I have 15" between the tops and the light. its an air cooled hood, so I can squeeze 3" there, then there is 5" left on the light yoyos. and if I remove the yoyos I can gain another inch. that’s 9 more inches and they are already 2 weeks into budding. I should be ok, no??

these last few days have been 1" a day of growth on the tops. I cant do many more of those


They would still all grow nice buds. Look into a scrog and you can see the results people have by bending and tucking all through Veg and transition.

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I supercropped some branches in my last grow and they were fine. The ends reached upwards after 24 hours. You will still get nice colas off from them.
They shouldn’t stretch too much more I wouldn’t think so you might be ok regardless.

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let me give more info here. I grew some plants outside this year at a buddys house. after 2 mos 2 of them had to go and I was getting ready to start an indoor grow anyhow. so, I hammered them with D.E. incase of bugs, and moved them into the tent with a scrog net as I had been tying them down outside anyhow. they are nice big plants but they only filled 1/2 of my 4x4 tent. so, I grew them out another month with 2 seedlings I had just sprouted to get a fuller canopy. the whole time still feeling good about height. but now that they are starting to bud and stretch, I’m getting a little worried. I’m reading ppl putting their lights as close as 3" from the tops, but going by the hand test, ive never dared go closer then 12". heres some pics so u can better visualize.

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supercroping is what I was kind of thinking. I just didn’t now how it would affect things later in the flower cycle

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If your climate allows, I’d just put them back outdoors to finish if height is a problem. My plants tend to double in height during flower when indoors.

good thought, but I don’t think it would work for my situation. I cant grow them outside my house and to move them somewhere, at their height, would require a pickup truck. they surely wont fit in my suv anymore

@oldpro - I often wait too long, too. If I can’t put them outdoors, I top them as soon as I realize it’s going to be an issue. Painful but easier then struggling. I can always grow more plants next round.

my solution was to keep tuckig