Newbi here to say howdy

Hi all, and thanks for all the great information. I’ve got my first grow in the closet going on 8 weeks and im a bit nervous as to when I will harvest… I’m hoping to be able to learn a lot from you all.


Welcome to the forum. Looks nice…sticky and dense. Good work for your first grow! I’d say they’re getting close, lots of red pistils. How do the trichomes look?


Welcome to the forum. Looks like you’re going to have a bomb smoke soon, congrats on your first grow. :v:

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that’s the funny part the trichomes are still all clear but the hairs are all golden


Thank you for posting this question I’m curious as to what that would mean El so. I know trichome color rules over hair color but I don’t know what it means when all hairs are orange and shrinking down but yet trichomes are clear?. I’m curious to hear myself.

Welcome to The Forum! That looks like some nice Bud chunky and dense. Have a good afternoon

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Check this out, its driving me crazy.

this is what it looks like today this is what the trichomes look like now I did read an article by somebody who said you can’t go by trichomes but the hairs. I believe I’m going nuts with this plant.

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I would say vice versa, kinda. You can’t go by pistils alone, but should look at trichomes, too. The two do not behave in the same manner across all strains, so you have to look at the whole picture. If your trichomes are still clear, I would go up to 13, maybe even 14 hours of darkness, to speed things up. Trichomes can go from clear to cloudy practically overnight. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and check them a couple times a day. As mature as they look, I would bet that when they start to finish, they’ll go quick. I’d think about flushing when you start seeing lots of cloudy.