Is it time to try the next step?

Should I trim this off and try harvesting?

I really think I should harvest this tomorrow and I am looking for some extra encouragement! Help!!

You need to make that determination yourself or you need to post better pictures. The only way, we can’t say it any more clearly, is if the trichomes themselves are milky, maybe with just the slightest bit of them turning amber. Not the hairs, they are only a loose guide and this picture tells us nothing about what it looks like inside the trichomes themselves.

Hi Kimberk. Google (What do trichomes look like at harvest) and it will show a YouTube video that you can watch to see just what their supposed to look like. Good luck and I have to say I’m jealous. It’s my first grow too and in also am growing w/w as well as og lush. Yours looks great though.

Damn spell check

Thanks mikea I have been trying to read all I can but it’s still nice to get some encouragement from others. I did misunderstand the trichome thing though and thought the pistals were what I should watch. If I zoom in on my pic I can see the trichomes very well and they seem just milky, not amber to me. Glad I asked before I cut her off!! Don’t be jealous! I’m sure you will have great results!!

You don’t have to wait for any amber ones to show up, but you do want all of them to be milky, not where most are still pretty crystal clear.

Thanks MacGyver that helps alot!

Very nice.

Thanks latewood. You’re always encouraging! I really appreciate it!

ILGM Baby!

Wow, glad I waited!

Not yet. Just a little longer…

What next step are you asking about?

Asking about harvesting. They are really getting a mature odor these days. I can’t believe I would have harvested a month ago!!

She fell over and said I’m done!! LOL

How does it look for my very first one?

She still hasn’t stopped producing as of last pik. Must judge the trichomes :). I believe you can get more out of this. Too large a % of pistils are white. You can continue to flower her until there is no pistil growth. When pitils are all Red, you start to monitor the trichomes in order to identify when you have reached the potential of your plant.