Help first time grower

New to growing, when will know when to harvest?

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The pistils will start to turn amber to dark brown in color. The pistils will also start to recede into the flower.

Now its time to monitor the trichomes daily. :+1:


Do you have a pic of the whole plant?
But yeah, you’ll have to learn about trichomes and how to read them. It’s pretty simple and all you need is a hand held microscope or jewelers loop. $10-20

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Thank you all for the advice


It’s very hard to tell but it she appears to have more time to fatten up. A huge mistake that new growers will go thru, is harvesting to early. You rarely hear of anyone say, damn, I let her flower to long…

Get a Jeweler’s loupe and then decide where you want your trichomes I like mine milky with about 30% 25% Amber

Thank you