Harvest now or later

Hi I’m new too this site
And a old hippie toker frist time grower
How do you know when to harvest your pot

This is a picture of my buds do i let them go longer


You still have time. The pistils will turn amber to dark brown. They will also recede into the flower as it matures.

Then its time to monitor the trichomes. You can get a Jeweler Loupe off Amazon. 30x and 60x.

They have scopes but some are not cheap like the Jeweler Loupe.

And welcome to the community. :+1:


Yeah you have some weeks to go. Those white pistols will be gone when time is near. Then it is a matter of looking at the trichomes. They turn from clear to cloudy and then to amber. I think most folks wait until most (70%?) Are amber before they harvest.

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Its a preference thing. That much amber trichomes is going to knock you out :laughing: some people prefer that though… More amber trichomes equals more sleepy, couch lock high… I agree with @MrPeat and @SpottedFrog though, more time. All your pistils should change color first then watch the trichomes.


Thanks mrpeat for the info
At my age [71] it’s a little hard to see i live in michigan and temps are droping the plants are out doors i didn’t know if i should harvest now or later they are auto and i don’t want a frost to get them

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i use this as my guide
Good looking budz!

Welcome @Ram :wave: great looking 1st Post

Welcome aboard.

I use the guide @Docnraq posted above.

In my opinion it’s better to harvest early than let the frost get to them! Maybe cover with a sheet when frost is predicted and when the sun comes out remove the sheet.


Thanks mh47 i have 2 in pots i can bring in they are autos
I have 1 photo that is in the garden that is like a tree [lol] can’t move that one

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Thanks stonedcold13

If you have to have a problem, having a tree is a great problem to have! :joy:

Lmao I’ll post a pic of that one

This is my 2 autos
2nd pic is my tree


Wow. I like your tree. And your autos too.

Thank you flitme
Not to bad for a old hippie my 2nd time growing
The autos are lsd from ilg

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