Is It Time to Harvest? Please!

I was told by the soil provider my plant is in that it is about time to harvest because the pistils have turned sufficiently. I want to double check with the experts on this forum. First grow and super apprehensive as well as super anxious.

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Thanks for any help!


I don’t know, I’m still seeing a lot of white pistils and it may just be the strain…

Have you checked the trichomes under a magnifier?


Sorry you was told the wrong information. You have plenty of white pistils on her. The pistils will turn amber to dark brown then they recede into the flowers.

Glad you checked here first which is what you should do anyways. You have growers here with decades of experience. I used to pull based on what I thought was correct information about the pistils. Glad I learned better here from more experienced growers. :+1::+1::+1:


Agree, she looks to have a few weeks left. The triches will give you a definitive answer though.


The fan leaves in the bud of my autoflower also served as an indication for me. Yours are starting to fade but I’d say you have a little longer. Do you have a magnifier/ jewelers loupe to check the trichomes.

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Here are some crappy pics I took with my iPhone. I think the camera is up to the task but my hands… not so much.

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Processing: C797AC6E-6F6C-47F2-BBAF-32B0234B6A56.jpeg…
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Processing: DB7D9F88-77C6-41CF-8F80-A644308BC007.jpeg…
Processing: 3B3F0C7F-A16D-47C3-AA83-28829ED54468.jpeg…

Gotta wait for Pics to upload before replying…

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Thanks. I’ll try again

Np. Sometimes it’s a PITA. Try doing 1 or 2 at a time. On iPhone I get a weird flashy screen when I do more than that, and have to start over.

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You were right.

It looks like you are glassing mostly sugar leaves. They don’t look mature, so the calyxes definitely aren’t.


Yup, what they all said


Patience. You’ve got a few weeks(?). Forget the pistils and keep an eye on the trichomes. The starting of amber trichomes on the buds means she’s ready for harvest.


This is the way.

You certainly are getting close though. I wouldn’t be too harsh on the guy who told you these were ready (although it’s good you got a second …and third and sixth opinions) but some big commercial growers harvest way early because it can make for a prettier product.


Here are some updated picks. Do they look closer?