AutoFlower Grow - Ready for Harvest?

Hello fellow growers!

I feel like I’m nearing the end of my grow but I am always unsure of when to give the girls the chop. I can never tell when the trichomes start turning amber despite using the magnification on my phone. They always look milky to me but maybe that’s because they need to go longer? I’m at about 13 weeks in…

Would love everyone’s advice!


@ajsgrows welcome to the community! You still have a little while to go. You want those top pistils/90% all pistils to be red/amber and receeded into the bud and then start checking trichomes. Looking great growmie. Youre doing an excellent job. Beautiful colors!


Awesome - thanks so much for the advice and compliments :blush:

Thoughts on how many weeks I’ve got left? And thoughts on flushing? Bro science or worth considering?


She looks fantastic! Patience!!! She still has time to go, no less than 10-14 days. Don’t stare at them too long and talk yourself into an early chop.


Agree with @ChittyChittyBangin and @Thatbaldguy, too many white pistils. Couple of weeks to go.

Waste of time. I feed right up to harvest and never flush.


I don’t flush either. I feed until I’m about two weeks from harvest then PHed water with 5 ml Cal/Mag per gallon until cut day.


Those look great. I agree at least 2 weeks. It’s so easy to talk yourself into harvesting early. I’ve done it to many times. I’m trying to be patient this time.

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Your plants are beautiful. Give them more time to fatten up you won’t be disappointed. :blush::v:


Thanks, everyone for all the helpful info! Keeping the girls going for another 2 weeks at least.

I did notice on one of my big colas that it’s populating new bud sites and not that typical cone shape. Should I be worried about this?


Not a new bud site, thats called foxtailing. A lot of us get them when we’re close to the end. When the rest of the bud is ready you just trim them off.