When to harvest help

My first auto flower.
I have nothing to ck tric except zoom on pics.
I’m at almost 12 weeks. No where near ideal conditions. Temps reach 91 to 70. Growing in attic.
Almost killed them 1st weeks by over feeding but gave them love every day.
May not look as good as most I’ve seen on here but I guarantee there is a BUZZZ in one of them. Lol
Should I harvest or wait.

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Without a magnifier to check trichs, best to wait until there are NO white pistils left then wait another week at least.
Or if the plant gives up completely before then but that one still has green fan leaves and white pistils.


Thanks you.
Will wait

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I’m kinda old school.
Should I keep feeding bone meal and magnesium sulfate?
Or starve them so they eat what they have.

I know this won’t help you very much but it will help if you study how the flowers look overall without using a magnifying glass.

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Thank you.
I’m definitely trying for 3rd one down.
Gotta find magnifier.
All help is appreciated :grin:

Not sure if pics are clear enough but borrowed loupe and took these
But giving another week before harvest.