First grow - uncertain of when to harvest

First time grower and I was hoping some you with more experience can help me out.

My question is, how quickly do trichomes continue to turn amber once you first start to see some ambers? Is there a general range (say 5%/week for example)?

I have been tracking my trichomes and I am just now starting to see some ambers so I know we’re getting close.

I am trying to time my flush and also would like to let her go a little bit longer to try and fatten up the buds. I feel like they may be a little undersized/loose - hoping I can let them go a week or 2 longer….

What do you guys think? How close am I?



I’d let them go another ten days or so and reevaluate then. FYI trichomes on sugar leaves mature faster so be sure you are looking at flower calyx.


Thanks! I was not aware of that.

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At least that long. I wait until most(all) the pistils have darkened before looking at trichs.


Welcome to the community beautiful plant. I see autumn color in the background. you might leave her till the 1st frost. Good luck :v: