First Grow - Should I Harvest? Trichomes Turned Amber Too Quickly

First time grower and I’m divided on where my plants are at in the flowering stage. I was trying to keep them in veg a little longer but they started to develop budlets about 40 days ago and I just went with it by giving them 12/12 light.

On one hand, it seems like there aren’t a ton of trichomes and most of the leaves central to the flower have clear/milky trichomes. The flowers didn’t grow as large as I expected so it seems like I should wait another week or so.

Conversely, the outer flower leaves have nothing but amber trichomes. When I look at all of the amber, I wondering if these girls are past peak and should have been harvested a week ago.

Also, some of the top flower have pistels that are about 30% brown while other seem to be about 80% brown.

These are Tahquitz OG which is 100% indica. I started them inside under T5s and then moved them to a 100% enclosed greenhouse that has an ac to keep it about 80-85 degrees. They are in Fox Farm Ocean Soil. I’m not sure how much it matters but they have had a few bouts with stress - they went into flower early due to lack of light, the greenhouse blew over once leaving them exposed some high temps for a short yet windy period.

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on where these girls are at in their flowering stage and if they are ready to harvest.




Trichs on leaves always turn first and kinda random ideally you ignore the trichs on leaves and only look at what’s on the actual buds and upper most buds turn faster than lowers due to be closer to lights and out in the elements! I bet you have at least 3 weeks left if your est. on how long you’ve been flowering is correct 40 days almost 6 weeks I have never had a plant finish before about 9 to 10 weeks! Def need to upload some pics of you can!


Ha! Yeah, here are some photos! I kept getting timed out on my edit to add images. Hope these help!

Thanks again!


It would be awesome if I had a few more weeks left - these buds haven’t picked-up the heft I was hoping for!

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Posted! Thanks!

I would say at least another 3 weeks but ya never know


Agree with skydiver, at least 3 weeks.
Almost all the pistils are still white, it will probably double in size and weight on the buds


Oh yeah those buds have a bunch of growing to do! The last few weeks is where it counts!


I’m almost three weeks from my last post and I was thinking of harvesting my indica around Friday. The leaves have turned completely purple and they’ve picked up quite a bit of bulk!

I also have 3 Blackjacks which is almost a 50/50 hybrid. I was planning on giving them a bit more time since I’ve read that sativa’s take longer to reach their peak flower. However, in the past 2 weeks they’ve also picked up a lot of bulk, the pistils are turning and it’s looks like the trichomes are getting cloudier.

I don’t really trust my beginner’s eye on either one of them. If you have any thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it!

Here’s the original Tahquitz OG indica:

Also, here’s the Blackjack hybrid that’s really bulked-up and gotten lighter in color over the past 3 weeks:


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Hello @Spiney_norman and @Teffygreenthumb! Any thoughts on the above pics? I think it’s finally ready to harvest but wanted to get your thoughts before chopping. Thank you!

It looks within the harvest window. Depends on what you want for effect.
Are the trichomes cloudy with a little clear? - Speedy energetic high
Cloudy with a bit (10%) amber - balanced high
Cloudy with a lot of amber 40% or more - heavy body high, couch lock.
These are generalizations of effects, your results may vary :upside_down_face:



Thank you!


Hi, this is johnny n, i bred tahquitz og. It is pre-98 bubba x (og x blue dream) it is not 100% indica, it typically produces huge buds wiuth a lot of trichs. Heres some pics.

I am a breeder/partner with elev8 seeds.
Tahquitz og is a clone only that i released thru dark heart nursery a few years back. I originally bred it about 8 years ago, the original name was “mrs. natural” . I changed the name to Tahquitz og about 5 or 6 years ago.
If you would like to see more of my work my ig is @the_johnny_n.
Thanks, see ya