Still so many white pistils! How much longer do you think?

This was a first time outdoor grow, along with another random seed. Two weeks ago it seemed like it had mostly brown hairs and so I was watching trichomes, and then it seemed like it started throwing out tons of new white pistols and they just aren’t changing.

This one even seems to be mocking me! Do y’all see that trichome standing their like a man showing his muscles?!?! Or maybe I have been staring at trichomes for too long :rofl:

Any advice is appreciated. I didn’t post a loupe photo because I guess I’ve just been waiting for more white hairs to turn brown, or at least starting to curl in. The trichomes are still mostly clear and cloudy.


Welcome ! looking at the picture overall plant I think you could leave it a couple more weeks. I like to harvest with mostly cloudy with just a bit of Amber crystals. Nice plant good luck finishing up !


Definitely need to go by trichs, not pistils. On my last grow pistils never really went fully rust colored. But the trichs were getting 100% cloudy. :+1:


I think you have trichomes and pistols or calyx’s confused.
The white hairs in this image are calyxs or pistols

Those sould look like this when nearing ripe

Notice most are red or brown looking?
Once they get like that youbshould focus your attention on the resin glands called trichomes seen in this image

Those crystal white ice looking things should be cloudy and maybe a few amber colored. If they are clear the marijuana is not ready to pick.

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