Amber Trichomes but still some White pistils

Wondering which way is better for judging the readiness of my bud. I have about 10% amber trics and 50/50 on the pistils.
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Always go by the trichs, and make sure you’re looking at the trichs on the buds and not the leaves.


I am. I think I’m getting real close.

I just try to shoot for all cloudy and no clear trichomes. Clear has the lowest level of thc


I’m definetly cloudy on them for sure

When would guys drill the stalk

The trichomes on the top most flowering part of the bud seems to amber slightly quicker than lower down.
At this point it all depends on what effect you’re looking for. At 10% amber I’m sharpening my shears and preparing for hours of snipping.

I like to wet trim, I find it easier. The problem with that is if it’s a big plant or many plants I notice the leaves start dropping and become hard to trim after 24hours of harvest.
This year I harvested, h202 bathed/dried, and then stuck all the branches into 5 gal buckets of water. This kept everything perfect and gave me an extra day or 2 to finish all my trimming. The end result is smoking pretty damn good so I assume there wasn’t much degradation by keeping it hydrated longer.


I’m getting ready too because my house is really getting skunky and guests are asking lol

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I’ll grab some pics shortly

So, if I’m going to harvest should I cut the lights

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When are you harvesting?

Not sure. Trying to figure that out. Opinions please.

I can’t see the trichs, so it’s hard to say.

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I’m not a good photographer

Well, if I went by the pistils, which I don’t want to do, I would say you’ve still got some time left on her.

How long you think. I trust your knowledge on this. This part is really hard for me

The only one i see amber is the second photo. U got some cloudy but loads of clear by the looks man. How far are u

Day 56 of flower.

And how long was advertised? Id give her another week then start her last few days. Be it stem split or dark days or ice bath… whatever.

O n what kinda high again